Cure that back pain – blast it with spray!

The best back pain cure spray is like magic potion in a bottle – just spray it on your back and get back to life.

The back is one of the most important parts of the body. It keeps your spine supported, carries a fair proportion of your upper body weight, and is necessary for proper movement. But since it works so hard, it also tires out quickly, especially when you put in long hours at work or are unable to get sufficient sleep at night.

Why does your back hurt?

Your back may hurt due to several reasons. It is important to ascertain that the cause is not injury-related, in which case, you must see your doctor for treatment. However, if you have not suffered any injury but still have a stiff and sore back, it could be due to stress, exertion, lack of sleep, long days and nights of work, wrong posture, wrong chair or mattress being used, etc.

If you are in doubt about the cause of your back pain, an X-ray or scan of the painful area might help to shed light on it. Your doctor can then prescribe the further course of action. However, it is better to not take a long course of painkillers – not only are some painkillers addictive, but they may also have an adverse effect on the major organs of the body.

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When to use back pain cure spray?

  • You can opt to use a pain relief cream or spray if you are certain that the pain is localised and the result of stress, overwork, wrong or too much exercise, etc.
  • The best back pain cure sprays comprise a formulation of active natural ingredients like wintergreen oil, cinnamon oil, turpentine oil, eucalyptus oil and mint extracts. These ingredients work rapidly upon being sprayed on the back, going to the site of the pain and eliminating it entirely. So, you get relief from the back pain in just a few minutes from applying the spray on your back.
  • However, if the pain is too severe and there is no reduction in the intensity even after applying a good back pain cure spray, then you must visit your doctor or a physiotherapist.

How to apply pain relief spray

  • Hold the can about 7 to 8 cm away from your back. Aim the nozzle directly at the painful area.
  • Allow a short blast of liquid out of the can directly on the back. Let the liquid get absorbed into the skin. If there is excess liquid, tap it into the skin to aid absorption. No rubbing is required.
  • Use the back pain cure spray every time the pain becomes too severe to handle. Ideally, the spray must be used at least twice a day, based on the severity of the pain.
  • Using the spray just before you go to bed at night is ideal. While you sleep, your body’s healing mechanisms come into play, aided by the pain relief spray as well.
  • Do not rinse the skin after applying the pain relief spray.

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