Guide to Vaping Without Nicotine

A lot of people love nicotine in their vape juice and vaping without nicotine would seem pointless. Although, different people take it in different levels. However, there are also non- nicotine vapers. And for this group of people, the ideal vape juice is one without nicotine. There are some surprising benefits to using non-nicotine vape juice and in this article, we shall be discussing why some people choose non-nicotine vape juice over nicotine vape juice.

Quitting a nicotine addiction

Most people pick up vaping because they want to quit smoking or are trying to find a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. Vape juice offers nicotine addicts an alternative where they can gradually reduce their nicotine intake to much lower levels or even until zero.

Sometimes former smokers still have a compulsion to smoke but want to stay away from nicotine so they choose zero nicotine vape juice.

Trick vaping

Trick vapers often choose non-nicotine vape juice because they want to be careful about their nicotine intake as they practice their tricks. Often they may find themselves practicing for long hours on end and the safest way to do so is by using non-nicotine vape juice. Plus, trick vaping is a kind of hobby for some people while some perform competitively. And trick vaping competitions often have money prizes.

Social vaping

Some people just like the social aspects of vaping, however, they may want to stay away from the addictive properties of nicotine so they choose to use non-nicotine vape juice. This is especially common among teens and younger people in their early 20s.

Flavour enjoyment

Obviously, there are some pretty awesome flavors in vape juice and some people like experimenting with these flavors hence choosing non-nicotine vape juice. There are a lot of people who vape and are not looking for highs but simply enjoy the smell and taste of the flavors. You may find that some people are dieting and are trying to stay away from sweet foods so they pick up vaping for a taste of their favorite sugary flavors.

As you can see, people choose non-nicotine vape juice for various reasons. It is all about personal preference. Currently, the market trends say that most people are choosing vape juice with lower nicotine levels to higher concentrations. It could be because more people recognize the addictive properties of nicotine or that they do not need that much to achieve the heights they want. One thing is for sure, manufacturers continue to innovate to make vaporizers efficient devices.