How to Build an Inner Bond between Mother and Baby in the Womb 2

Maybe you think that the bond between mother and new baby will really form after the baby is born. But in fact, the first step to building bonding or bonding between mother and baby can be started in the womb or during pregnancy.

The benefits of building a bond between mother and baby in the womb

Sing and talk to your baby

Launching from Home Start, since the 23rd week of pregnancy, the baby can generally hear the heartbeat and the sound of the mother’s stomach when she is hungry.

The fetus also begins to hear sounds that come from outside the uterus, including your voice. That’s why talking to him can help form the bond between mother and baby from the womb.

According to a study, even though their hearing is not optimal, the baby in the womb can already recognize his own mother’s voice if bonding is well …

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