3 Ways to Spring Clean Your Relationship

Spring has arrived, having brought some brand new hopes for the light days and successful beginnings in the green season. It’s high time to clean the mess in both your homes and your relationships! For those who’ve been married for a couple of decades, it, surely, doesn’t mean to engage in mature dating for over 50s singles online in order to find some adventures. It means to freshen up the relations you already have and cherish above everything. Don’t you find it exciting to get back to what you were starting with?


  • Transform negative emotions into fun

His habit to leave keys anywhere but not where they are supposed to be irritates you unbearably? Instead of turning passive aggressive and exploding with anger, think of how to tell it in the ‘good way’. Let him know you were late for work and that wouldn’t happen if you knew where he had left the keys the night before. Your spouse should start feeling sympathy for you and shame for his actions. So, instead of turning the house upside down and shouting at each other, you’d better make a deal: you tell him everything you want to say and he listens attentively. Then it’s his turn to talk and yours to listen, with some serious facial expressions. We bet one of you won’t last for long and will just burst out laughing.

  • Remove dust from your initial connection

Found pictures of two of you made some 10-15 years ago? It’s a great opportunity to sink into memories and start a truly pleasant dialogue. You may just find yourselves willing to go through it once again. Try acting as if it’s actually your first date. Why not? Then ask him when he started falling in love with you…

  • Give space for personal growth

Once you’ve made a strong decision to freshen up a relationship, it’s recommended to change some of your bad habits as well. One should say it’s a brilliant opportunity to finally give up smoking or eating unhealthy food. Always fancied attending the ballroom dancing classes? It’s never too late! Do it for both yourself and your significant other. Realize you can be better and set it as a primary goal. By doing so, you’ll just make your dearest person want to be better for you too.

Spring cleaning of your relationship is a nice idea that may strengthen your connection and improve the understanding between you and your partner, so don’t hesitate to do it and good luck!

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