4 tips to stay healthier during the festive season

Trying to prevent indulgence during Christmas is hard to do, especially with all the food and alcohol to get through. But don’t let this be a good reason for you to overindulge. You’ve spent all year trying to keep fit and you wouldn’t want to ruin the hard work so quickly.

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Luckily, there are still ways that you can keep healthy during the season’s festivities to prevent a massive difference happening for your waistline and health. Here are 5 tips to consider if you’re thinking of staying healthy this Christmas.

Limit the amount of alcohol you have

Christmas time is the perfect time to enjoy a good wine or two and it can be easy to consume more when you’re regularly at home. Having a drink in between and during meals feels like a tradition but it’s important that you still keep tabs on what you’re drinking to keep within your alcohol limits.

Eat Fruit

It’s rare to associate Christmas with fruit. Rather than eating a grape or two we’ll tuck into a mince pie whilst a banana could easily be a chocolate log instead! But it’s important that we continue to get our vitamins and minerals to keep us healthy through natural ingredients rather than having alternative digestive health supplements like magnesium tablets. So when you’re making the shopping list for the big day, consider making a dessert fruit bowl so you can balance out all the turkey with some fresh fruit. 

Keep active

There’s no Christmas like it when you can sit in front of the telly, take in all the Christmas films and end up on the sofa for the whole day. That doesn’t have to be the case though. Try and get some exercise in and encourage the family to go on a walk to burn off all the food you’ve just had. This will help the digestion process and get rid of a few pounds that you may have gained from the day.

Don’t stuff yourself for Christmas Dinner

Research suggests that we could consume up to 3000 calories in one sitting from having Christmas dinner. Considering this is more than the daily intake for a fully grown man, it can be extremely poor for our health. Instead of trying to shove a load of the dinner into our mouths in one go, consider having a normal sized meal and then wait to see if you still feel hungry after it. You may find that you’re actually a lot fuller than you imagined which will restrain you from having more. 

Keep healthy this Christmas

Christmas is an auspicious occasion where we love to indulge and tuck into many treats that it offers, but it doesn’t have to be an unhealthy occasion. It’s not a case that you’re being ordered to replace your candy cane with high strength fish oil, but it’s good to watch what you actually eat and thinking of ways you can manage it better.