Boot Camp Women’s Fitness Preparation Tips

There’s no doubt that boot camp is a perfect test for your physical state. It lasts 10 weeks and you will go through intensive exercises but also improve your mental state when it comes to training. Even if you are not planning to go through the camp, everyone should know how important is to do daily workouts. But, there is a big difference when you want to push it to the next level.

When you get to a certain point, it will be harder to improve your current condition. This is when people start using supplements for muscle which can be a huge help for some individuals. It depends on what you will take and how you will proceed further. Many people are using it in the army especially when preparing for physical tests.

Training Overview

There is a process everyone needs to go through in order to check if you even qualify based on your current state. The starting point is actually the biggest reason why you should prepare yourself before arriving there. Your body needs to be in average shape at least so you can move forward. You will live with other women during the training but the exercises will be done alongside men.

The next two phases are about the history and getting you ready with the uniforms and proper appearance. You will learn everything about the army and its core values. The last part is the tactical and weapon trading but that’s not something you can do on your own.

Fitness Part

As expected, the requirements for females are easier to manage than those for men recruits. If you are at the age of 21 or younger, you will need to run 2 miles, do 47 sit-ups and 13 push-ups in 19 minutes and 40 seconds or less. How hard it will depend on your age but most importantly, it depends on you and how ready you are.

Another thing to mention is that these are the minimal requirements. In every case, you will notice that the drill sergeants push you to the limits. Even when you make it to the next stage, you should expect a tough course because it is designed for men. Females are under huge pressure because everyone considers it as a competition and both sexes are on the field.

Why Is Running Important?

One of the biggest reasons why people don’t manage it and want to drop out every day is running. No matter how much you can lift and how many push-ups you can do, you need to be in your best form in order to get through it easily. Even then, it won’t be easy but you will manage it better than others. Running is one of the simples but most effective exercises you can do to prepare.

Endurance is the key element in every course you will have to go through. Focus on boosting your cardio as much as you can instead of building strength. Start small, even a 1-mile run is a good start for people that don’t do it that often. You can increase 1 mile every week which will get hard after you reach 10. Read more on this page.

There are many mistakes people make when it comes to running because they are trying to copy the best athletes in the world. You can easily get hurt if you don’t do it properly and always push yourself to the limits. When you get to a certain level and start using enhancing supplements, you will be able to compete with some great athletes. But, in the beginning, you should follow some simple rules.

One of the rules is not to think about your pace because it can mess up your routine. Everything can be improved so jogging is the best way to start. Once you get comfortable, you can increase the mileage and speed. Every time you feel like it’s becoming too easy, that is to time to do something differently.

Daily Exercises

You can do the 10 best exercises on a daily basis for a few months that will prepare you for sure. The numbers you will do will depend on your form and how fast you improve. At the start of every routine you need to be warmed up so do a couple of minutes of rope jumping or jumping jack.

The first exercise and probably the one you will gain the most from are Burpees. You can watch videos on YouTube on how to do it properly, but it’s quite easy to understand. You will drop in a squat position first, extend your legs backward in a push-up-like position, return to the squat position and jump as high as you can and repeat. It’s one of the exercises that will take the most energy to do.

Similar to running, mounting climbers are a bit harder to do because of the position you have to be in. You will start at a push-up position and just start climbing an imaginary mountain. Don’t rush it you won’t be able to do other exercises. One minute is a good start you can increase it later when you get in great shape.

Plank is the last one you can do and it’s all about endurance. Similar to running, the goal is to do it as long as possible. You will find out that even 30 seconds is great for the beginning. The way you do it is to be in a push-up-like position but on your elbows. This is best for your core muscles which are important for stability.

Basic Strength Training

The main strength training that will benefit you for the camp will be push-ups. There are many differences between your bodyweight workouts and weights. One way you can start is to do your maximum and then do 30% of your maximum per set. Even if many people consider that there are better things to do, you will have it on the test so preparing is crucial. Find out more here: 

Another basic workout includes squats and you can set the amount you will do like for the push-ups. 

One thing to remember is that they won’t be a part of your daily workouts because your muscles need time to rest. Only great athletes that take supplementation and are in great condition are able to do multiple workouts per day and stay energized.

Snap jumps and sumo jumps are similar to what you get when you cut down the burpees exercise. The first will improve your core strength and the second mostly involves your legs. When you count in the squats and this training routine, you will be exhausted for sure. But still, you will need to have enough energy for running.

Boot Camp Nutrition Tips

If you want to improve your physical state in the fastest way possible, nutrition is the most important thing to look after. Searching online will lead to you numerous diets but there are just a few steps you need to consider. The first one is to stay away from the things you dislike. There are many studies that showed that you will gain more from the healthy foods you like or don’t mind eating.

Because you will be on your preparation period, remember to bring food with you and prepare it in advance. There are plenty of foods you probably like but didn’t try before. Make a list of the meals that are easy to prepare and are not processed. You can also have cheat days which won’t influence your diet if you do it one per month or less.

As everyone knows, alcohol is a bad thing but the biggest reason is that it dries you out. When you are running and doing all the workouts, you will lose a lot of water so things like caffeine and alcohol will destroy your daily routine. It can help a lot when you write down the things you can’t do and what you want to achieve.

Even when you do everything according to plan, don’t expect to be in perfect condition. There are numerous factors that you can’t include in the plan but will affect your state. When you are preparing for such events, it’s important to show that you are doing your best. There are many people that are in great shape but don’t make the cut because they are soft inside and don’t show the willingness to push themselves.