Recovery After the Pandemic: How to Live a Better Life After COVID-19

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2020 was a disastrous year for almost everybody all around the world. The pandemic forced people into their homes, ruined the economy, and led to many fatalities. It was a catastrophic year, but we’re all still here, alive and kicking. And from what the news tells us, we’ve overcome the worse. Vaccines are being produced in record time, and quarantine protocols are eased. The time to rebuild is now. The best place to start is with you.


Being cooped up in your house might have given you a lot of stress and negativity. Sure, it was good at first, thinking that you can sleep the whole day and not worry about work. But the lack of human interaction can be devastating. We all crave human interaction. We are all social creatures. Although we can’t see each other physically just yet, we can still talk to each other. So the Read more

Preventable Health Problems in Children Every Parent Should Know

Anxiety and depression in children: Get the facts | CDC

Being a first-time parent can be nerve-wracking. You can read about all the things that could go wrong, but unexpected health problems can still arise. Fortunately, what you can do is prevent the ones that can be avoided with good practices. These often stem from poor habits that were not treated when kids were younger. Make sure that you make the right choices by avoiding these common diseases in children.

Tooth Decay

Experts say that the most common chronic disease in children is poor oral health, particularly tooth decay. What is even worse is that it is entirely preventable with good practices. The Centers for Disease and Control Prevention even says that tooth decay is four times more common than asthma for those aged between 14 to 17 years old. Even those who are in their 20s face this issue.

Tooth decay, also known as cavities, is caused by various Read more

Best Home Care Options near Me: Assisted Living or In-Home Care?

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Home care versus assisted living are very tough choices. When parents or spouses need assistance in their daily lives, a lot of families face a difficult choice – in-house facility or assisted living. Choosing between the two involves a lot of factors, both financial and personal. 

It is a complicated decision, and the answer will depend on the person’s particular situation. Listed below are some essential factors people need to consider when it comes to this topic. Knowing these facts can help people make the perfect choice for their older loved ones.

Find out how much help the older people need

Before making a decision, it is very important to find out how much aid the older adult needs and compare that money already available for them. First and foremost, individuals need to make a thorough list of everything their loved ones need help with weekly, weekly, and daily. 

Who … Read more

Factors that Age Your Skin and How to Deal with Them

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Utah’s elevation, climate, and environment can be hard on the skin. Several factors contribute to accelerated skin aging, requiring a little more effort to avoid or deal with them.

Ultraviolet Radiation
Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun is the biggest factor in premature and visible skin aging. UV penetrates the skin, damaging the epidermis and reducing the skin’s elasticity. This gives rise to wrinkles or sagging in parts of the face. If UV penetrates deeper, it can damage even damage fat cells and collagen. Enough UV damage can also change your skin’s DNA, giving rise to melanoma and other types of skin cancer. Utah’s elevation further makes residents more vulnerable to the adverse effects of UV radiation. UV gets more concentrated the higher the elevation is, around 7 percent for every thousand feet.

Salt Lake City residents are exposed to 28 percent more UV, with Park City residents bearing Read more

Scientifically-Proven Weight Loss Tips You Should Follow

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Weight loss is a subject surrounded by myths. You are bound to get a hundred different weight loss tips from a hundred different people. But how many of these tips do actually work? Not many, right? Most of the time, you end up more confused than you actually were and give up with the weight loss program.

But, what if we told you several weight-loss strategies that have been scientifically proven. These tips are guaranteed to help you shed those extra pounds. Here are some weight loss tips with scientific evidence to back them up:


Drinking water before meals

Drinking water can help reduce weight, sounds unbelievable, isn’t it? It is, however, true. Drinking water can help boost your body’s metabolism rate by up to thirty percent. In fact, drinking two liters of water daily can increase the body’s energy spending by approximately 400 KJ. This, in turn, can Read more