Common Types of Pain after a Car Accident

Every day hundreds of people die into a car accident and others face severe injuries. There are several types of pains that a person can go through. However, a car accident can cause innumerable injuries that you cannot even think of. Many of the injuries and pain show signs after the accident has happened. Have a look at a list of common types of pain that can occur after a car accident.

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1. Thoracic Spine Injuries

Spine injuries are quite common after an accident. It mostly occurs because of the brakes that are applied with a force and it leads to serious damages. The thoracic spine is connected to the ribs and chest. Sprains and fractures in this part of the body can result in permanent nerve damages where the person has to deal with a lot of problems in his/her future. It also requires long term recovery and treatment.

2. Herniated Discs

A herniated disc is one of the most common injuries that occur after a car accident. Many people notice the numbness in the legs and a pain in the lower region of their back that is reported to be the most common symptoms of disc herniation. The discs in our body separate the vertebrae and protect the spine. A herniated disc occurs when the disc is displaced from its place. It then exerts pressure on the spinal cord and the surrounding nerves. Immediate treatment is required in this case to avoid long-term injuries. 

3. Brain Injuries

We often hit our brain when we get crashed into a car accident. Brain injuries are the most dangerous ones because a minor injury in our brain can cause serious damages to our health. It is therefore quite important for motorcyclists to wear a helmet whenever they are riding a bike on the road. However, brain injuries can sometimes be recovered in a short period but it can sometimes require a lengthy process to get recovered. 

4. Leg Injuries

You might say that leg injury is not that painful than other injuries in our body, but that is not true. You can hurt your leg and can have a complete bed rest if you have got any kind of fractures or sprains. Leg injuries are very dangerous as it can lead us to have complete bed rest and we can be unable to walk if the damage is severe. It often happens if we are on a motorcycle and gets crashed with a larger vehicle. It often happens that the pain can be revealed slowly when the leg gets injured. Therefore it is important to see a doctor if you have been into a car accident and don’t have any kind of physical injuries. 

5. Mental Health and Psychological Problems

People often get scared after they have been through a car accident or they have witnessed one. Many people don’t get out of their house and stay in their interiors just to avoid contact with anyone else. Some accidents affect people psychologically where people build a fear of not using vehicles. Many people don’t drive or ride a bike because they have seen severe accidents happening with their loved ones. Such phobias are very difficult to deal with and it can leave a person in a trauma. The person also lacks confidence and it is quite difficult to bring the person back to the same old situation. 

6. Shoulder Injuries

Some accidents cause shoulder injuries where the joints in the shoulder are affected and the person is unable to perform daily duties. It often occurs because a force is applied to the shoulder during the accident and it can cause serious fractures and breakage of tissues and ligaments. Immediate care and treatment are necessary in such cases.

7. Hand Injuries

Hand injuries after a car accident are quite normal. You can feel a pain in your hand after a couple of days of your accident. See a doctor before the pain worsens and go for chiropractic treatment if you don’t see a sign of recovery after a few months. 

8. Back Injuries

Like other injuries, back injuries are also normal to have after a car accident. You may not feel it just after the accident but they are diagnosed through x-rays, MRIs and CT Scans. Once you have diagnosed with any kind of back injury then it is important to see a doctor or a chiropractor for a speedy recovery. Ignoring back injury can lead to serious damages to health; therefore, see a doctor just after the accident.

Many people lose their lives because of accidents. Try to follow the traffic rules and save the lives of people. After all, someone is waiting for you at home so drive safely and be calm while you are on the road.