Extended Care Facility: Pros and Cons 

Comprehensive treatment and medical care are always present in an extended care facility. Aside from easy access to healthcare professionals, different healthcare options are available in this long-term care institution. Read below to learn the pros and cons of an extended care facility for seniors like your loved ones.


The Pros of an Extended Care Facility

·       A Fully-Serviced Living Environment

Seniors under the supervision of an extended care facility have access to fully-equipped living spaces where staff from the facility are easy to reach and well-rounded. Trained specialists, healthcare personnel, and caregivers can help the elderly who require immediate medical assistance. Thus, all facility areas are specifically designed to provide comfort and meet the seniors’ needs. 

Though an extended care facility is considered a healthcare environment, it is also a place you can compare to your home because there are also spaces for entertainment and daily living activities. Aside from these, this facility also offers private residences if you don’t want a roomie in your area.  An extended care setup also allows visitors to their residents. Thus, seniors can still enjoy spending time with their loved ones even if they are in a nursing facility.

  • Constant and Comprehensive Medical Support

As mentioned, healthcare professionals are always available in an extended care facility. Hence, health services are also provided in this type of facility for seniors and the elderly. They provide long-term care for residents with chronic diseases. Also, permanently impaired individuals can be accommodated in this type of healthcare institution. An excellent facility offers the following services: 

1.    Pain Management

2.    Wound Management

3.    Respiratory Care

4.    Nutritional Support

5.    60-Bed Special Care

6.    Social Services

7.    Hospice Care

  • Healthier Meals

Food preparation in a long-term care facility includes healthful meals for all its residents. You or your loved one doesn’t have to worry about what meal is best for their health. A well-balanced diet is implemented in a senior care facility. That’s why meals from this healthcare institution are more healthful than meals you make at home. Aside from that, you can’t run out of meal plans because dieticians are the ones arranging which food is to be served to the residents. 

  • Social Engagement and Activities

The extended care facility prepares different activities all year round to accommodate all residents. They allow seniors to socialize with the other residents to stay active. Some facilities have specific areas for entertainment, games, and others, so residents can mingle with each other. As a result, even if they are undergoing long-term rehabilitation, they can still participate in social gatherings.

An excellent extended care facility also provides regular outings and travel opportunities outside the facility. They get the residents involved in activities like fishing, theater shows, and local events. They also don’t prohibit athletically inclined seniors from trying out for local sporting events.

The Cons of an Extended Care Facility

  • Scheduled Visiting Hours

An extended care facility doesn’t allow visitors beyond their scheduled hours. You can’t visit your loved ones whenever you want, unlike when you live with them at home. Since the lifestyle in the facility is structured, everything is beyond your control. You have to follow the rules imposed on the senior care facility to improve the health of your loved one.

  • Expensive

Given the 24/7 presence of healthcare professionals and comprehensive medical support, it is expected to be expensive. It’s best to have insurance for long-term care, so you’re prepared for the financial resources of your loved one. Nevertheless, it’s an assurance that you or your loved ones will be well cared for. So, every penny is worth it.

Contact the Nearest Long-Term Care Facility 

Making decisions for the healthcare of your loved ones isn’t something you need to rush. You must think of the best facilities and opportunities to improve their overall well-being. That’s why it’s best to learn about the pros and cons of an extended care facility

To ensure the facility is suited for your loved ones, you can visit the nearest skilled nursing facility in your location. Don’t hesitate to ask the professionals about their services. This way, it will be apparent to you if your loved one should undergo extended care rehabilitation or not. Reach out to the experts for a consultation today!