Fighting Depression with Stress-Free CBD

In this helter-skelter life filled with uncertainty, global politics and a seemingly never-ending cascade of bad news, it can be quite stressful to combat stress and depression itself. And while we may never be able to fully erase it from our systems, we have methods to combat the encroachment of these negative conditions that spring up inside us.

With some thoughtful meditation, a steady and good diet, and a little bit of exercise, we can raise our happiness and wellness levels even higher and from within. But if you try all the above and still need a little boost, CBD may just be what you need to help pass that threshold.

CBD Reduces Inflammation & Stress Within the Body

Stress comes from stressors that can occur within or outside our bodies; from the stress of a finding a job in the external reality to having extra levels of cortisol (chemical stress) being pumped inside us and throughout our systems.

While we may not be able to fully eliminate the external stressors of our world (which is many today to say the least), we are able to combat effectively our inner stressors with the use of CBD – a natural anti-inflammatory that helps calms our minds and lowers our levels of cortisol production. 

By reducing the levels of cortisol and the inflammation within our systems, we can fortify our own inner systems to dealing with the external stressors with renewed clarity and focus. CBD cream can be applied as often and as needed to help reduce such negative buildup within its consumer when applied consistently over time.

Prescription Anti-Depressants Have a LONG Negative List of Side Effects

Long term drug prescription use to help relieve depression could actually lead to a plethora of adverse symptoms that could actually increase stress inside patients. According to this clinical study, around 30{875999dc5635de5a0359f50fe7c3c72baf370c61907ab12b30476a61c91df46f} of the 180 patients on anti-depressants researched where stated by themselves to have moderate to severe depression while still undergoing anti-depressant prescriptions; around 65{875999dc5635de5a0359f50fe7c3c72baf370c61907ab12b30476a61c91df46f} stated to have gain weight, while 64.5{875999dc5635de5a0359f50fe7c3c72baf370c61907ab12b30476a61c91df46f} and 43{875999dc5635de5a0359f50fe7c3c72baf370c61907ab12b30476a61c91df46f} respectively felt that they were emotionally numb and addicted while on anti-depressants.

This is not including the opioid overdose crisis with pain and anti-depressants, which has now claimed the #1 cause of death in America over traffic crashes.

These sorts of studies and data show that anti-depressants (while possibly fixing the underlying symptoms for some individuals under certain conditions) are still yielding a plethora of other adverse effects that isn’t safe for the livelihood or happiness of an individual. What sort of anti-depression treatment and relief of the stress related to depression comes from opioids that seem to create more issues than they resolve?

Early CBD Research and Results Are Promising

CBD has yet to yield such results, with early research and studies pointing to increased levels of happiness alongside other benefits. Not only for reducing depression and stress, but also increasing levels of pain resistance, CBD is being looked into as a potential medicinal aid as an effective cancer treatment – though the studies are still ongoing for this one.

CBD research has also yielded few adverse reactions in certain individuals, such as diarrhea or fatigue-especially used in conjunction with other medications. But these cases are few and far in-between and could be due to other variables such as weight, chemical disposition, or even over-all health. The studies are still early to fully understand, but the results continue to yield positives for the majority of consumers.

For example, children over the age of 5 have been treated with CBD for treatment to relieve their epileptic tics and behaviors. Several ongoing studies have pointed to the use of CBD to relieve (if not outright stop) the uncontrollable spasms and “tics” of epilepsy, ensuring increased levels of wellbeing inside the child or even the adult suffering from them.

These CBD gummies for sale can be safely ingested by the old and young, with no toxic residue left behind. Non-addictive, these are safe to consume in small quantities to also relieve both epilepsy and depression.

When Feeling Down, Pick up With Some CBD Aid

CBD is not the cure-all for any symptom but can be used in junction alongside a healthy diet and active lifestyle to help relieve and lesson depression and stress in your life. If you are looking for such an aid to help you find your zen in life, why not  check it out and buy CBD oil?