Having second thoughts on marriage: learn more about pre-marriage counselling

Pre-Marriage Counseling Questions to Answer Before Saying I Do

Pre-marriage counselling is an exclusive form of family therapy that helps couples essentially get over the fear of getting married. It also helps tackle the issues of weak financial management, relationship, sex, emotional bonding, decision making, children-parenting and much more. Through pre-marriage counselling, couples can work on their weaknesses as well as identify their strengths. The overall aim is to create a deep understanding between couples and make their married life successful.

Why Is pre-marriage counselling Needed?

pre-marriage counselling helps couples understand each other better, communicate more effectively. Furthermore, it helps develop emotional intelligence which is crucial to understand their respective partners. It assists the would-be groom and bride to understand the importance of marriage, to make adjustments with their partners’ space, etc. Each and every individual’s cultural background can affect their partners in different ways as well as their relationships too. This therapy can help the couple with their choices, and backgrounds to master the art of understanding. Marriage can either be a love marriage or arranged, but a love marriage does not always mean that the couple can understand each other perfectly, or they will not face any issues in their relationships. The main aim of this counselling therapy is to adapt and generalise the relationship to have a better future.

How pre-marriage counselling helps

Pre-marriage counselling services are provided by expert therapists to resolve conflicts, develop better communications, understand marital expectations and beliefs, finance management and as such. Couples can live a better-married life if they understand each other properly. Research suggests that 30% of couples who went through pre-marriage therapy have had better marital lives than those who did not. Here are some detailed essential aspects where pre-marriage counselling comes to the rescue:

Communication between Couples: 

Communication is very important in every relationship, especially between husband and wife. Communication plays a key role in the life of a married couple. Pre-marital therapy helps the couple understand that their existing individual lifestyle is adaptive for both of them or not. It also helps both the bride and groom to understand and communicate freely.

Conflict Resolution Skill:

Conflicts can happen between couples but sometimes, these conflicts end up causing major damage to a family. Pre-marriage therapy helps us understand the cause of these conflicts which can be certain personality traits or individual habits, dissimilarities, etc. It helps couples to come to terms on those matters which are disagreeable for them.

Financial Management:

Weak financial management is the most pressing issue for a groom and bride. Many people find it difficult to open up about their financial circumstances which mostly creates difficulties in both pre-marriage and post-marriage situations. Sharing of bank accounts, tax payments, mortgage payments often creates complications in relationships. Pre-marital counselling helps couples understand their financial circumstances, complexities and to be more transparent to each other.

Marriage expectations:

Every individual can have certain expectations from their better half. These expectations, if not fulfilled or understood, can lead to different complexities in relationships. People are often unaware of these expectations or differences, which creates misunderstandings, which in turn can lead to certain convulsions in marriages. Premarital counselling helps in understanding and becoming aware of each other’s expectations and work on them.

Intimacy and Sex life:

Marriage partners may or may not be comfortable with discussing sex life with each other but it is important to understand the sexual and intimate part of the relationship. Unhappy sex life creates a huge boulder in a couple’s relationship. This matter cannot be left undisclosed. With pre-marriage counselling, couples learn to disclose and discuss their sex life which helps them maintain a healthy relationship.

We need to remember that a marriage is not only about throwing a party, getting a diamond ring for the bride, etc but more than that. It is the beginning of a new chapter of the couple’s life. So take your time and build a solid foundation for the sake of your lifelong relationship.