Information Technology

Technology has become a crucial thing today, such as providing real-time information for the supply chain process to be easier to keep an eye on. If your supply chain partner doesn’t have the right technology for your business you can be sure you don’t have to work with them. One of the uses of technology is Rhenus Lupprians, one of the integrated supply chain companies, which has the technology to facilitate warehouse operation to be more efficient and effective.

Stable Finance

If you lose your supply chain partner, it will have a bad impact on your business and your customers. Finding partners with stable financial history and payments can keep your business from bad potential.

Cultural similarity

Choosing a supply chain partner is not only suitable to meet specific and unique distribution needs, but also both culturally and operationally. You should see “Do my company and prospective partners will work with the same culture, such as how ethics and responsibilities and mutual understanding of cooperation have been established.”

Warehouse and Transportation options

Regardless of your potential supply chain partner, asset-based or not, it is fitting you are offered some of the most suitable warehousing and shipping options for your business. Supply chain partners who have a wide connection can benefit the business because it can get the best price option. For example, Linc Group as one of the integrated supply chain company has a complete asset and cross-network logistic service. This could be one of the best considerations for choosing your supply chain partner.

Some of these companies motivate the Rhenus Lupprians team to plan a new strategy to address the problem.

There are 3 things that they’re provided: 1. Quick and easy access-they quickly find the changes. There are opportunities and threats to use of existing data. 2. Firmly – After analyzing the data, they immediately decide for their supply chain to follow the data obtained. 3. Flexibility-quickly applies a New third strategy. This is the foundation for companies to focus and quickly change supply chain strategies when problems arise.