Examples of healthy food menus for children

So that children’s daily nutritional needs are always properly met, here’s an example of a nutritious food menu for children that you can copy:

Breakfast (breakfast)

Meet children’s energy needs in the morning through food sources rich in carbohydrates, protein, fiber, minerals, and vitamins.

Apart from helping you feel full longer, regular breakfast every day also helps prevent excess weight spikes.

Examples of breakfast menus such as:

White bread
Sliced tomatoes and lettuce
Interlude (snack)

The portion of snack food is indeed not as much as the main food menu.

However, the administration is no less important in order to help meet daily nutritional needs that may not be optimally met from the main food.

Examples of snacks such as:

Yogurt with mixed fruit

Have lunch

Lunch is in charge of restoring the lost energy of the child after being active since morning, as well as maintaining …

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