Effective Tips for Reducing Stress Prior to Labor

Stress can come at any time, including during pregnancy or before delivery. This condition cannot be prevented, but expectant mothers can still reduce its levels. That way, the bad impact on the mother and fetus can be avoided. So, how to reduce stress before delivery? Come on, take a peek at some of the following ways.

Why should reduce stress before delivery?

Pregnant women are prone to stress. This condition occurs due to hormonal changes in the body, physical discomfort, or uncertainty about the future.

Approaching the birth of your little one, expectant mothers will be more prone to experience anxiety, fear and stress.

This usually arises because there are various negative thoughts, such as labor that is not going well or other fears.

Stress like this should not undermine the expectant mother because it can have a negative impact on herself and the fetus in the womb.

According to …

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