Which Dietary Supplements Should You Consume to Prevent COVID-19?

We live in a COVID-19 pandemic that can lead to severe respiratory issues.

At the same time, it is a problem that affects the world right now, and according to the World Health Organization, it is essential to follow particular guidelines to prevent it from spreading.

Since the first infection that happened in Chine, numbers have increased exponentially. Even though a year has passed since the first case, numerous studies have stated their opinions about dietary supplements and diets to prevent and reduce symptoms.

You can enter this site: https://www.usa.gov/coronavirus to learn more about COVID-19. 

The main idea is to avoid false news by compiling the best approaches you can take to prevent COVID-19. Even though it is a virus that spreads through microscopic drops that comes out of our mouth while we talk or out of our nose as we sneeze, it is vital to maintain overall immunity.

We cannot state that these supplements will help you prevent COVID-19, but it can help you reduce symptoms and avoid severe respiratory failure.

The Immune System and Dietary Supplements

Since the beginning of pandemic, numerous studies have shown that particular micronutrients such as zinc, vitamins D and A can reduce respiratory infection risk and boost the overall immune system.

The best thing that happened as a result of a pandemic is the awareness that people are not leading healthy lives and implementing healthy habits. Of course, eating healthy and working out can protect you and keep you healthy.

Nevertheless, it would be best to implement a diet rich in nutrients and vitamins that your body needs to prevent severe conditions.

Since the food we eat is refined and costly to eat organic food always, it is vital to implement supplementation and your healthy diet. By clicking here, you will be able to learn more about supplementation in general.

Generally, it is simple to get a wide array of nutrients from your diet, but that is not happening because it is challenging to find fresh produce every single time you go outside for shopping.

Simultaneously, some nutrients are challenging to access even at regular times, which is why you need to think about implementing other ways of getting them.

Generally, they cannot help you fight COVID-19, but they can address nutrient deficiencies in your diet so that you can get a proper immune response if you get sick. According to FDA, no approved supplement can fight off a virus because a vaccine is the only way to fight it.

However, supplementation can help you keep your immune system and body at optimal levels. Keep in mind that coronavirus works entirely differently from other viruses because it will not behave the same way.

Therefore, it is impossible to determine whether you will have mild or severe symptoms. However, similarly, as you had been using flu prevention remedies and precautions, the same way you can use supplementation to make your body strong enough to fight against it.

Supplements to Consume During the Pandemic

It is vital to remember that supplements you decide to take during the pandemic are not going after coronavirus specifically.

However, according to research, it can help you boost your immune system, strengthen your body against viral infections, prevent respiratory damage, reduce inflammation, and many more.

  • Vitamin C – It is essential to consume plenty of vitamin C daily for optimal body function. Generally, in case you consume 1000 mg daily, you can boost mitochondrial health. It means that you will maintain cell function and metabolism, among other things. Besides, Vitamin C is one of the most effective ways to boost your immune system because it supports proliferation, immune cell production, and overall functionality. You should know that it works as antioxidants, which means that it will reduce reactive oxygen production that can lead to infections. Remember that free radicals can lead to premature cell deaths and sepsis unless you consume enough Vitamin C.
  • N-Acetyl Cysteine – Glutathione is one of the most powerful antioxidants in our body, similarly to Vitamin C. Its other name is N-Acetyl Cysteine is an effective solution that will aid mitochondria health and prevent damage from toxins and free radicals. At the same time, it can help you prevent infections and inflammations. Since it has anti-oxidative properties, you should know that it targets explicitly bad respiratory cells, which is vital because COVID-19 attacks the lungs first.
  • Vitamin D – This is a supplement that you should regularly consume without thinking about coronavirus and other reasons. The main reason for that is that it can amplify your white blood cells’ pathogen fighting abilities and prevent the production of infectious cytokines that can lead to inflammation. According to research, it stimulates peptides inside the respiratory tract, which will prevent the lungs from inflammation or infection. It is challenging to get the proper amount of Vitamin D naturally, even if you consume the healthiest diet possible. That is the main reason why you should start consuming supplements as an addition to your diet.
  • Zinc – If you wish to find a supplement that will directly affect your immune system, you should think about getting zinc. Generally, it can help you reduce the production of inflammatory cytokines, which is essential for reducing infections. Besides, zinc is a great option that can handle respiratory issues, which means that regular usage can reduce its duration for at least two days. Of course, we can differentiate other benefits of this particular supplement, including cognitive boost function and quicker healing than before.
  • Melatonin – We have all heard about melatonin as the hormone released during a sleep cycle, but it also an effective solution against cytokine storms. Remember that this particular problem happens due to increased oxidation, excessive inflammation, which can cause lung issues and severe respiratory distress. Remember that melatonin levels tend to decrease as we age, which is why you should think about adding it to your dietary routine.