Month: April 2020

Is Cycling Safe in the Middle of Vehicle Pollution?

At present, awareness of the importance of health is showing improvement, with one indicator being the increasing interest in exercising. One of them is cycling. This cheap hobby is getting more and more fans mainly in big cities.

Your Definitive Guide to Riding Your Bike in Traffic | Bicycling

This of course then raises the tickling question, “is it safe to cycle in the middle of a siege of pollution in the middle of the city? “

Some studies describe some of the negative effects of pollution exposure to health, especially pollution from motor vehicle exhaust. But on the other hand, the pollution exposure will not cause a significant negative effect if coupled with intensive physical activities such as cycling.

This conclusion was obtained from the results of research from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) who wanted to study the impact of exposure and volume of air pollution and cycling routes on health conditions. The study … Read more

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How a Sexual Addiction Treatment Center Provides Help

Sexual addiction is usually a term that is customarily used to indicate that a person has an intense desire and obsession always to have sex. All they think about every second of the day is a way that they can fulfill their desire. The sexual thoughts are dominating the person’s entire life, and that is what makes it difficult for the person to have any healthy relationships because their partner may not be able to fulfill their insatiable desire and thus, creating a scenario where they will go outside of the link to do so.

The thinking of a sex addict is distorted and often irrational and cannot be justified. The actions that they take are even worse, and they generally will blame others for these issues. They will always be in denial and create excuses for the deed that they make. only sexual addiction treatment centers like rehab.… Read more

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What Will Telehealth Look Like After the COVID-19 Pandemic?

All eyes in the healthcare sector are now squarely focused on COVID-19. More broadly, industry leaders and government officials are taking a close look at the pandemic’s influence on healthcare delivery. Everyone is trying to figure out what healthcare delivery will look like when all of this is over. It is bound to look at least somewhat different.

Telehealth is especially intriguing right now. For more than a decade, technology proponents have been pushing hard for widespread adoption of telehealth in everything from primary care to psychiatry. Yet a combination of regulatory control and industry unwillingness have kept telehealth at arm’s length.

COVID-19 has changed the dynamic by forcing clinicians to remotely see patients unable to make office visits due to stay-at-home orders. Once those orders are lifted, will telehealth continue unabated? Vista Staffing is one telehealth provider who sees plenty of potential here.

Insurance and Medicare Reimbursements

It has … Read more

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Five Supplements You’ve Never Heard of Before

Herbal supplements are the perfect natural way to improve your body’s immune system. Many supplements, like vitamin C, are taken by hundreds of people every day. However, there are hundreds of supplements that people don’t know about. Things less common than fish oil – but more healthy and less fishy. 

What Supplements Should Vegans Take? | Best Vegan B12 Supplement ...

Cue Astaxanthin for Athletes

Also known as “nature’s strongest antioxidant.” This carotenoid is related to what a common supplement, beta-carotene. Astaxanthin is easy to find in sea creatures, fish, and some microalgae. Scientists have noted this mineral is responsible for aiding in muscle function and endurance. In addition, it can help reduce the muscle and bone stress athletes must endure training. 

However, Cue astaxanthin can be used by more than the athletically inclined. It helps improve eye health, skin moisture, and plaque buildup in the arteries. 

Elderberry for a Sickness Cure

If you’ve done your supplement research, then you’ll know … Read more

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Designer Stalker – Charlotte Ronson

Anyone who’s ever been on Shopbop or in a boutique has probably had their head turned by Charlotte Ronson’s designs. Her girly, flirty, casual pieces fit into any wardrobe (lord knows we have a few) and show up on our favorite trendsetters like Nicole Richie. WhoWhatWearDaily figured that Ronson’s impeccable taste and ahead of the curve sensibilities would pertain to her favorite websites as well, so we asked her to compile a list of her best buys on the internet. Results and reasons for her selections are after the jump…

  1. Swiss dot crochet cotton v-neck slip dress in black by Charlotte Ronson, $211, or
    Inspired by the 1963 “The Great Escape” starring Steve McQueen, Charlotte Ronson’s Spring/Summer 07 collection mixes feminine details (embroidery, crochet) with ethic and tribal prints.
  2. Risky Business Sunglasses from Urban Outfitters, $14,
    “I love classic Rayban Wayfarers, but these are a nice, cheaper,
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