5 Safe Yoga Movements for Pregnant Women

There are many ways to maintain health during pregnancy, one of many ways is doing exercise. However, not all types of sports may be done by pregnant women. Pregnant women are advised to choose sports that are not so active, one of which is yoga. Not only can make the body more fit, yoga movements can flex the muscles that tighten due to hormonal changes during pregnancy. Besides, with routine yoga, the muscles around the pelvis and vagina can become more flexible so that it is good for the delivery process later.

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Here are 5 Safe Yoga Movements for Pregnant Women:

  • Cow Cat.

Do you often complain of back pain? You can practice this yoga pose to overcome it. During pregnancy, especially if the abdomen is getting bigger, the backbone certainly supports a heavier burden, causing stiffness and pain. Cat cow pose helps flex the tense back muscles. This movement is relatively easy to do, you need to bend and stretch, to stretch and relax the muscles. Do this pose in 6 sets, 8 times each.

  • Bridge.

This yoga position is safe to do at any gestational age. This position is effective in training the vaginal muscles, thighs, and knees. You only need to sleep on your back on a special yoga mat, then bend your legs, hands right next to your body, and lift your hips as far as you can. Count to 8 and repeat to 6 sets.

  • Warrior II.

This yoga position is also well known for strengthening leg muscles and inner thighs. The way to do it is you only need to stretch your legs and spread your arms towards the front and back. Pull the left leg and bend the right leg and try counting to 8 counts, and then replace the leg. Make sure to always take a deep breath so that when stretching the body remains relaxed. If in the third trimester you start to have trouble doing it and experience cramps in the thighs or pain in the vagina, try to loosen your legs a little and don’t stretch back too much.

  • King Pigeon.

For aches in the waist area, you can try King Pigeon. This position can improve the backbone posture that tends to progress because of an enlarged abdominal burden. This movement can also flex your pelvic muscles so that you are better prepared for labor later.

  • Butterfly.

According to some pregnant women, this pose is the best pose of all. This pose is useful in training the flexibility of the pelvic muscles and inner thighs. The reason is because this pose helps direct the position of the baby’s head under the pelvis. So, during the third trimester, pregnant women are advised to do this movement at home so that the baby position can be directed to the pelvis. If contractions are felt, this pose can help the opening process. Make sure to take a deep breath so the body is more relaxed. Taking a deep breath can also provide more oxygen to the fetus and can accelerate blood circulation.