How to avoid overeating during the Christmas season

It is the holiday season, the favorite time of the year for most people. People try to implement different ideas for a happy Christmas season, with some throwing all caution to the wind only to find out they have overeaten and reversed all their weight loss successes during the year. People catch up on romcoms they have always wanted to watch while indulging in different types of foods and sweets. Some overindulge and end up overeating during this Christmas season. Here are some tips on how you can enjoy Christmas without overeating:

Read reviews

You are likely to patronize several companies during the Christmas season. It is important that you read the reviews of those companies to know the right one. This will help to reduce how stress you become as stress could force you into overeating when all your great Christmas plans are being ruined by a company. The same applies to when you want to use a food delivery company. You should also remember to maintain your healthy eating habits and eat reviews of any company you might want to patronize for food, beverages or related products such as Vitacost reviews.

Do not skip breakfast

For no reason should you skip breakfast during the holiday? Ensure you always eat something nutritious and healthy in the morning. If you do not eat in the morning, you will be hungrier and tend to overeat during the day. A low-calorie and high-nutrient meal in the morning will keep your hunger pangs in check to a considerable extent. However, eating in the morning does not mean you will not eat throughout the day, but you will not overindulge yourself and gulp down all the food.

Watch what you eat

Since there tend to be lots of options during the festive season, you may be tempted to eat as much as you can. You have to focus on what you are eating, it is advised that you do not count calories or do cheat meals instead. You can follow the 80:20 rule where you eat healthy foods 80% of the time and indulge yourself for 20% of the time. it is all about making an effort to eat well, but do not worry if you do not. Keep starchy foods to the minimum, eat more veggies and lean proteins, etc. This way, your belly will not be bloated after eating.

Eat a portion at a time

If you are observant, you will see that you overeat because you are always helping yourself to more portions immediately after you finish eating. Whenever you finish a plate of food, do not serve yourself another immediately. Wait for some minutes before going back for more helpings. Doing this sends a signal to your brain that you are full and you might eventually realize that you do not need more helpings. If you find that you do not get the ‘I am full’ signal, check with your doctor.

Eat the greens first and drink plenty of water

Before you sit with the turkey, ham, pie, or stuffing, start eating the salad. Greens have a lot of nutrients and fiber that helps you feel full quicker. As such, you will not be tempted to overindulge in the rest of the meal. Also, you will be setting an example for the younger ones who are not fans of greens. Another way to avoid overeating is to stay hydrated. Water is filling and can reduce the efficacy of your hunger. Being hydrated also provides your body with the opportunity to better absorb nutrients and calories. However, do not just drink anything. For instance, the juice is sweet but is high in calories. Just stick to sugarless drinks and water. You can alternate between water and alcohol but do not stock up much on alcohol.

Wear tight clothes

This is another trick you can use to combat overeating. When you are in the midst of people you do not hang out with every time, it is natural that you will want to look your best. So instead of wearing loose cloth, wear something that is properly fitting. Besides looking fabulous, this will help restrain you from overeating. Since you know that tight-fitting clothes will be uncomfortable when you overeat, you will be careful with how you eat. You do not want a tear in your clothes. You can always change into a loose cloth later.

Snack smartly

There is always that time of the day when you want to snack since food and snacks are available throughout the festive season. If you do not snack smartly, you will fall into the ploy of indulging yourself and that is bad for your waistline. If you must snack, get fresh fruits and vegetables. You can also make some healthy snacks with you if you are going to a gathering. Even if your host has no healthy snack to share, you will find something to eat. Avoid eating snacks that can leave you feeling bloated before the main dish.

Be active

You tend to eat much when you sit in one place for a long time. During the various downtime during the day, try to have some fun. Be active. You can catch up on a lot of things with your loved ones and find games to play that gets everyone involved. If the weather is nice, go outside to have fun. The more active you are, the more your body burns calories and the holiday treats easier. Ensure you stay fit throughout the Christmas season. Do not neglect your workout sessions if you have one.

Do not crash diet

In preparation for the holiday season, some people start to skip meals and go on a crash diet. However, this does not help. Eat whenever you are meant to eat. Crash dieting may cause food binges that you cannot escape from. You become immersed in the very thing you were working to avoid from the start. It makes no sense to shed some pounds at the beginning of the holidays only to put on multiples after the festive season. The goal is just to be realistic with yourself and see how best you can adapt.

Give out leftovers

Generosity will help you curb binge eating. There are usually some leftovers from the foods and drinks in the holiday season. You do not have to stock all of this in your home, you can give them out to your friends, family, neighbors, charity homes, local food banks, etc. This way, there will be no opportunity for you to binge eat. Also, those you give the leftovers will love you for it and you too will love yourself for it. Putting a smile on someone’s face will be the best way to spend the Christmas season.