5 Tips on How to Find the Best Massage Therapy in Brighton in 2021?

We all live in some difficult times. The pandemic is raging. The coronavirus is mutating, and no one is certain about the future. At the same time, we can’t just cancel the world. We need to keep on living with all the pros and cons of it.

Working hard means you need some time off. You need someone or something to make your day better. One of the downsides of working hard is getting stiff muscles throughout the body. If you don’t treat them regularly, this can become a way more serious issue.

Getting a massage is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Choosing the right person for the job, though, is not that easy. You need to do some research before hiring someone. See what a masseur is by definition, here.

In this article, we’re going to share a couple of tips that will tell you what you need to do before making your final choice. Follow up if you want to know more details about how to make your choice.

1. Look in the neighborhood

Ask every economist, and they’ll tell you that supporting the local economy is a smart thing to do. Pouring your money in local businesses, and them doing the same, creates a great circle of businesses doing work together and raising the local economy.

However, in your case, it’s best for your personal needs. You don’t want to look for someone in the other part of the city, because that’s too much struggle. Let’s say you’re in Saltdean and you find a massage salon in Lansing. There’s no logic in going there when you can find someone in the area.

If you choose someone too far away, you’ll travel for a long time. Instead, choose someone nearby, and spend only a couple of minutes getting there.

2. Read reviews

The reviews from previous clients will tell you where to go and what place to avoid. Simply open any website containing information on massage places and see how good they are ranking compared to the competition.

Some places are going to have a poor rating. The reasons for this can be many. You should avoid these places because you’re not the one that should be investigating why they have a low reputation. On the other hand, those having a lot of reviews that claim a particular place is excellent will almost always prove their reputation when you visit them.

In the review sites, there are always sections in which people share their opinion through comments. You’ll easily find out why a particular place has a poor reputation. You’ll easily find out if they are specialized in something better and work poorly in another field.

For example, if you’re looking for a sports massage in Brighton, then you need someone professional and skilled in it. If they claim to be able to help you, but never did a sports massage in their life, you won’t be happy afterward. They won’t do anything good for you.

3. Make sure the safety regulations are their top priority

Before making your choice based on reviews and location, make sure they are following all the safety regulations suggested by the DHSC. You don’t want to get inside and get infected over a massage, do you?

Call the potential place and ask them if they wear a mask, do they have anti-bacterial solutions available on the spot, do they sanitize the chair on which the massage is being done, and most importantly, will the masseur wear gloves and a mask.

The masseur gets in touch with a bunch of people during the day, so you don’t them to pass a piece of the bacteria or germs on to you. Make sure they are following the standards, and only go to a place where this is highlighted as a positive thing.

4. Opt for experience

An experienced masseur is the best thing you can look at a work qualification at a person. Nothing’s more important in this profession than having someone who spent a lot of time in the past doing their job.

If you want to be satisfied at the end of the treatment, you’re going to look for someone who has been in the business for years. These guys will know how to touch you, where the pain is relieved best, why a particular place hurts more, and what’s needed to solve the problem.

Those who are just starting to work might be strong, passed a couple of tests, and got licensed, but they are never going to be as good as those who worked for a long time. See here how to become one: https://www.thebalancecareers.com/massage-therapist-job-description-4767037.

Sure, the art of massage has some theory that everyone dealing with it must know, but over time, those giving massages are learning about their craft, so they become better and better at it.

5. Compare pricing

The final step you need to do is to compare the prices between different practices. Not everyone will offer the same price. Of course, a good masseur is always going to ask for more, but it’s your job to make a chart in which you’ll find out who the best value for your money is.

Especially if you’re on a budget, you’re going to need to do thorough research on this subject. Finding out where you’ll spend less is imperative for everyone who’s not about to through their money in the wind.

However, it’s crucial to know that, good professionals will always charge more. So, if you’re about to get yourself a top-notch service, and get out as relaxed as possible, you’ll need to spend more than the average masseur asks for.


The five points from above are enough for you to understand what a great massage is. You need to look in the neighborhood, make sure they have a great reputation and they are well experienced. Then, it’s crucial to find out if they obey the safety regulations, and how much they are charging.