Beginner level course and exercises on Pilates

Pilates is a modern day fitness system named after its developer. ‘Contrology’ is the underlying theory that makes Pilates work. The fitness system is popular in the Western countries and Australia. In the U.S alone, 11 million people practice it, with the help of 14,000 instructors. Well those numbers are from decade old dates. More and more fitness enthusiasts have followed suite.

Pilates is now hitting Singapore like a storm. As everything goes in Singapore, trainers and courses are always lacking. That’s where we come in. We present you the beginner friendly Pilate classes. We ensure that the reformers are not going to scare you anymore. It’s time to put those muscles to work.

Pilates vs. Yoga

Pilates is considered as the modern Yoga. It’s about mind and body discipline. Not working out the mind is a major drawback with most modern day exercise programs. Some of the poses like Navasana, Halasana and Bhujasana are similar in Pilates and Yoga. Where Pilates drifts drastically is its emphasis on core strength rather flexibility.

Pilates has such relevance in modern day living conditions. In busy Singaporean lifestyle, Pilates makes the most sense. It is why we have developed beginner level Pilate lesson for the workaholic Singaporeans.  Some of our Pilates exercises can help you sense how it works your body and mind.

Beginner Pilates exercises

Beginner Pilates exercises are quite easy to do. It can be an ice-breaker that helps overcome the intimidation of the Pilates machinery. It serves as a warm up for people at advanced levels too. Companies like Core Collective provides beginner Pilates classes in Singapore. Consult with your PT, physician and workout partner beforehand.

Warm-up: Remove all the springs from the reformer. Stay tight on your sit bums. Do not sit on the back or front part of your bum. Pull your belly into your spine and engage your gluts while keeping your body straight. Feel the entire length of your spine. Now gently tuck in to your tail bone. Repeat tucking in and tucking out. In effect, your pubic bone comes up and goes back.

Engaging the gluts and pulling the belly, helps work out your abs. There is plenty of post workout effects in the body.  Nevertheless, it looks so simple on the surface. As you advance, step, tuck and roll back slightly. Get back up and repeat the step. That’s as much as a good warm-up goes.

Exercise #2: Now put on those springs on preferred settings. Lie down on your back and make sure your head rests down. Place the heels on bar and find the neutral spine. Tuck your tail bone when you are ready. Push the lower back towards your legs. Pull the belly in and drive your ribs together. Tuck your abs towards the ribs. Hold the pad with your hands and rise your bum up in the air. Inhale while you go up and exhale when you settle down. Arch backwards with your knee to the highest point. If you want to work your hamstrings, push the carriage away with your legs. Watch and record the exercises with Spectrum Cable so that you can easily perform the steps in the right way