Best Ways to Boost Male Fertility

Something that is happening worldwide and is increasing every year is infertility. One third is men that have this issue in a relationship. In many situations, it can’t be treatable but with the right lifestyle, everything can happen even if a doctor has a negative opinion on it. It is just important to stick to a healthy lifestyle and focus on how to improve your state.

You can find many remedies online and claims how something worked for a certain individual but it always depends on a person. Some of the things that need to be done are standard but you also need to be psychically prepared to make a change. Doing deeper research about fertility testing in men – men’s fertility fertility treatment diseases will give you better insight into what can happen and what you need to manage.

Use Vitamin C Supplementation

When you have harmful levels of reactive oxygen species, you have oxidative stress. This may happen when you have an unhealthy lifestyle or some kind of disease. When this happens, antioxidant defenses in your body are overwhelmed. ROS may cause inflammation and tissue injury. Some studies have shown that this may also cause infertility.

Taking vitamin C will help you counter these harmful effects. There are claims that vitamin C will improve semen quality. Some shocking evidence shows that your sperm count can increase by up to 100% and sperm motility by 90% if you take 1,000 mg dose twice a day for 2 months. Of course, you shouldn’t only rely on using vitamin C. Use it in combination with other treatment that will improve your health.

Regular Exercise

On most forums, you will see that exercise will help a lot and it is very true. It is something that shouldn’t be done only when you have problems but to improve your overall health and stay healthy. It will help you with your sexual life and improve your confidence. Even if you train for half an hour to an hour, it will be very helpful.

Your testosterone levels will be increased and your physical performance will be enhanced. Many studies that have been done over the years have proven that regular exercise will improve your semen quality. But, you need to be careful because too much exercise can have a different effect and lower the testosterone levels. If you have fertility problems, this tip should be on top of your list. Read more on this page.

D-Aspartic Acid

A dietary supplement known as D-aspartic acid is a form of aspartic acid. D-AA is supported by many professionals that claim it has an essential role in male fertility because it increases the level of testosterone. Depending on a person, taking 2.5 grams of D-AA will increase motility and sperm count by 50-100% and testosterone by 30-60%.

It is very accessible to get it online, they can even be found on large websites like Amazon. Unfortunately, the studies aren’t consistent because people who train a lot and generally have high testosterone levels didn’t react to D-AA the same as other people. So, when it comes to men that have low testosterone levels, it will work while it won’t provide additional benefits to men that have normal levels. There isn’t a study that shows what happens if you use it in the long term and there isn’t any reason to do it unless a doctor has an explanation.

Stress and Vitamin D

Stress is associated with many diseases and it may cause some symptoms that have an effect on your fertility and sexual satisfaction. Hormone cortisol may be an explanation of why stress affects fertility. It has a strong negative effect on male hormone. The best tip is to use many relaxation techniques that will lower your stress. Meditation should work great or a simple walk in nature.

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The second vitamin that has a positive effect on your testosterone levels is vitamin D. Men that have low levels of vitamin D will most likely have low testosterone levels. It won’t be beneficial as vitamin C but it can increase your levels by around 30% if you use it for a year every day. The evidence of these studies won’t always have the same results but in the majority of them, vitamin D will increase sperm motility.