Impact and Influence of Climate Change on Human Health

Extreme weather changes or also known as globalization have an impact on human health. It is generally known that climate change will only impact the environment and nature. It turns out that drastically changing weather conditions can affect the human condition both physically and non-physically. Here are some examples of the effects of climate change on human health.

Excessive Hot Weather Can Trigger Heart Disease

Air temperatures that increase significantly can affect heart health conditions. And if a person is dehydrated and exposed to extreme heat, it can potentially trigger damage to the brain. This can certainly also affect human behavior.

Climate Change Accelerates the Growth of Water-Related Diseases

In several developing countries, high rainfall can threaten the supply of clean water and increase the risk of diseases such as acute dehydration and diarrhea for example. Even though every year diarrheal disease is recorded as causing death in approximately 760,000 children under five. Not to mention the problem of industrial contamination which can affect water quality.

Extreme Cold Weather Causes Decreased Immunity

In addition to extreme heat, excessive cold weather can also cause the body’s immune system to decrease so that it is susceptible to disease. During this transition period, it’s not only humans who can’t always leave the house, but the bacteria in the body will also be trapped and cause the immune system to decrease.

Sunny Days and Cool Air Can Improve Mood

Not only has an effect on the physical, weather changes also have an impact on human psychology. An easy example is when the weather on a sunny day is coupled with cool air, then we will automatically feel happy and our mood or enthusiasm can increase when we want to do activities. Sunny weather stimulates positive energy for our body and brain.

Extreme Weather Can Cause Psychological Illness

In line with the previous point, extreme weather changes can also cause psychological illness for humans. For example, those who live in areas prone to natural disasters. Of course, there will be a lot of climate change and its own trauma that will cause psychological illness.