3 Reasons to Apply for Medicaid

America’s healthcare system often places lower income care-seekers at a disadvantage. Although the Affordable Care Act has done a lot to combat this problem, a troubling number of people are still in need of coverage. This is where Medicaid enters the equation. Despite the unfair social stigma certain individuals and lawmakers place on Medicaid recipients, this program is often the only available option to those who qualify for it. If any of the following examples describe your situation, applying for Medicaid may be in your best interest.

1. You Don’t Qualify for A.C.A. Coverage

By visiting HealthCare.gov and providing some basic information, you can learn about which subsidized insurance plans – if any – you qualify for. However, it’s possible to make too little to qualify for A.C.A. coverage. If this applies to you, there’s no need to fret – simply apply for Medicaid in your state. Medicaid is in place to ensure that lower income individuals receive the coverage they need, especially if they’re unable to find it elsewhere. So if you’ve been putting off an x-ray, high resolution ultrasound or other important procedure, there’s no time like the present to look into Medicaid.

2. You’re Unable to Work

If you’re suffering from an injury, disease or mental illness that inhibits your ability to work, receiving Medicaid can help put your mind at ease. In fact, a substantial number of Medicaid recipients suffer from impairments – both physical and psychological – that require constant care. Being unable to work can present people with a number of challenges – and worrying about medical bills shouldn’t be among them.

3. You’re Out of Work

Losing a job can negatively impact one’s life in many different ways, particularly if they have a family to support. Worrying about how to pay for assorted living expenses, food and utilities is a prominent source of stress for people who find themselves out of work. Furthermore, if your job provided you and your loved ones with health insurance, being laid off can result in a loss of coverage. Being approved for Medicaid can give you and your family across-the-board health coverage you need until you’re able to find a new job.

Finding affordable care in a profit-based healthcare system is often difficult for financially-strapped Americans. Fortunately, Medicaid can provide these individuals with peace of mind and enable them to receive the care they need. If you don’t qualify for coverage under the A.C.A., are unable to work or have recently found yourself out of a job, look into applying for Medicaid.