Do This To Make Eyelash Extension Last Long!

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Eyelash extension is one way that many women do to facilitate daily makeup routine. Because, with eyelash extensions, we no longer need to apply mascara or use fake eyelashes to accentuate eye beauty. But again, how long does the eyelash extension hold?

Normally, eyelash extensions can last between one to two months after use. If you are looking for good quality eyelash extensions Bondi Junction, you can try visiting the Bondi Lash & Beauty salon.

Here are some ways to make your eyelash extension last long

Avoid water for 24 hours after installation

After applying the eyelash extension, you need to avoid lashes getting exposed to water for the next 24 hours.

Comb eyelashes regularly

To treat false eyelashes and prevent them from becoming messy, diligently comb them using an eyelashes brush. Do it in the morning after waking up and after bathing or washing your face.

Avoid hot air like a sauna

Hot air such as in a sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi, or Bikram yoga room, can affect the eyelash extension glue. This can make it not so durable. So you should avoid doing these activities first.

Clean the eye area with a cotton bud

Always clean the makeup in the eye area using a cotton bud and not cotton! Cotton fibers can stick to false eyelashes, while cotton buds can reach and clean better.

Avoid using oil-based makeup & cleanser

The oil-based content of facial cleansers, foundation or eyeliner can damage the glue that attaches the eyelash extension. So, first, check the makeup and facial cleanser that you use. Choose only those with a water-based composition, such as micellar water.

Do not rub the eyes

Of course, this can make the eyelash extension become damaged and fall out. Especially when washing your face and waking up in the morning. If your eye area is dirty, just use a cotton swab.