Exercise tips for ALS patients

Are you beginning to show signs and symptoms of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)? It can be really devastating and heartbreaking when you see all your muscles and strength fade away with little or no option to salvage it. ALS is a known neurodegenerative disease that causes the death of neurons controlling voluntary muscles.

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However, when you discover it at the early stages, you can incorporate effective forms of ALS treatment with regular exercise to improve on strength and stamina. When on a proper treatment plan, you can save on the rate of muscle deterioration, which varies from one patient to another. In addition to that, the following exercise tips can help you improve a great deal:

  • Walking

It depends on what stage your disease is to determine the type of exercise fit for you. Note that it is vital to incorporate your medical team in all training; they can help recommend a specific program that can best aid your strength. For walking, you can do walks in the evening when the parks are free. Always make sure that you have someone near you in case of emergency. You also don’t need to do it daily, especially if it is too much of a strain. Doing evening walks three to four times a week can be a good work out plan that will yield results.

  • Cycling

Another good way to get out and exercise is cycling. Depending on the stage of the disease it can help you get great exercise without putting too much strain on your joints. Riding even for just thirty minutes will give you fresh air and much needed relief. It is recommended that you don’t cycle alone and always to wear a helmet. Cycling is a great way not only to strengthen your leg muscles but your core as well. 

  • Stretching 

Stretching is the most basic exercise option that most therapists will put you on in all stages of ALS. It is also the easiest as you can comfortably stretch most muscles at home. You can do static stretches when fatigued and dynamic stretches to help keep fit. 

  • Weights

Another tip is weight lifting. However, this one should only be utilized when you do it alongside other workouts like cycling, walking, and stretching. Most importantly, it would be best if you didn’t do it on the same day. You should reserve at least one day a week for lifting light weights. This method can be really effective for building your triceps and biceps back to their original shapes! However, note that when ALS progresses into its advanced stages, you may have to abandon this tip as it can be strenuous and hard on your side.

  • Use equipment

Finally, if you can access gym facilities, then there is no need to go for far-fetched exercise tips. For instance, you can use a balance trainer for balancing, and it can perfectly work out well. ALS is not the end of the road to wellness and fitness. You have an option to work out your muscles still!