We all want to perform better when we workout or hit the gym so that we reach our set goals. This brings us to the basic question how can we power-up our workouts? 

A playlist of favourite songs, comfortable gym-wear and accessories are not only things to consider before you start with your workout routine. The foods you eat before the workout has tremendous impact on your performance and training.

It is understood that junk food and processed foods full of sugar, fat and chemicals will do your body no good instead wholesome natural food is what you need to nourish the body before an exercise session.


When you exercise large amount of blood flows to your muscles as a result blood flow to the stomach is reduced therefore foods that require effort in digestion should be better kept for after workout. This includes foods with complex carbohydrates and other high fiber foods like leafy greens, legumes, whole grain breads, seeds etc.


Narrowing down a good pre-workout snack  is not easy. Eating too much can make you sluggish and eating less can tire you easily. Either way your workout is affected.

The snack you choose also depends upon the type and intensity of training, health goals, individual tolerance and also the timing of the workout.  Thus, following few foods are best options to consider for a power packed work- out.

  1.  Banana – contains natural simple sugars and potassium. The natural simple sugars in banana are easily broken down, boosting your glycogen stores and increasing blood sugar levels meeting the energy demands of your workout.
  2. Smoothies – a fruit or dried fruit smoothie before a workout is best as it provides sustained energy to fuel your workout.  It is easy to make and there are several options available in market to pick up too.  Be sure to avoid adding white sugar while making a smoothie or go for a smoothie with no added sugars.
  3. Yoghurt – good for gut and rich in proteins this snack before a workout is best in every possible way. It is easy on stomach and when paired with a fruit or nut it prevents your blood sugar from dropping mid-workout.
  4. Dried fruits – for quick, easy and hassle-free snack – dried fruits are ideal. Easily stored or stashed in your backpack or purse this snack is great on-the-go pre-workout snacks for people who juggle different roles and try to fit exercise in their busy schedules.
  5. Energy bars – this old school snack evolved for boosting workouts and training session. Energy bars gives a balance of natural sugars, fiber, vitamins, minerals and protein to keep you working out without an energy surge or drop. A granola bar or oats bars with natural fruits and dried fruits, nuts makes it wholesome and tasty affair. Added advantage energy bars offer are that they have longer shelf-life and can be easily stored with ease. Handy and convenient nutrition bars make a good pre-workout snack.
  6. Trail mix– when talking about on-the-go snacks then trail mix need a special mention. A mix of flavours and textures makes trail mixes a favourite snacks amongst the health geeks.

A pre-workout snack needs to be eaten -30-90 minutes before a workout. Wait for 90 minutes after having a heavy snack whereas waiting period for a small pre-workout bite is 30 minutes. You can register for success and make the most of your workout by eating well, hydrating yourself and resting your body.