How to Choose the Best Detox Shampoo on the Market?

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Today’s shampoos are made so light that we don’t even know if they do wash our hair. The manufacturers pay more attention to how they smell than how good a job they do. You can easily say that most of us walk around in public with dirty messy hair that carries lots of toxins and maybe even diseases.

The solution for this is called a detox shampoo. There is a countless number of detox shampoos on the market. They all claim to wash the toxins out, but is this really true? How come some of them are more expensive and others are very, very cheap. You know that it’s a basic market rule that the product in demand and the quality product is more likely to have a higher price so does this mean that the less expensive shampoos are not worth buying?

We’d say yes. The cheap shampoos are likely to do nothing for you. The real ones that are made with quality chemical solutions made especially for your own good cost a lot to be produced and that’s why it’s also expensive to buy them. See this interesting article on the subject.

So what exactly the good one must have?

Ability to fully clean toxins

As we already said, most of the shampoos do a partial job when it comes to the cleaning of the toxins. They are made to just imitate the work of the real toxin cleaners. What they do is make your hair look different and convince you that you’ve got rid of the bad particles, but you didn’t do anything special, really.

Always look at the label of the bottle and read online reviews about the products that you’re interested in. You can find any information online so don’t hesitate to spend some time reading about the ingredients and how satisfied people that bought them before you are.

For example, a lot of them are being sold on Amazon or other e-commerce sites. Under the product description, you can always find reviews from people that ordered before you. See their testimonies and if you find too many bad reviews simply don’t buy that product. You’ll notice that most of these products, and especially those that are the most affordable have tons of negative reviews. This is because they simply don’t work and you’re being sold a lie.

Being able to use it all the time

Those shampoos claiming that will get rid of toxins and especially those that claim you’ll pass the follicle test base their claims on strong chemicals that create a window of masking the ingredients and substances located in your hair.

These chemicals are strong and sensitive. Your scalp and hair will have real trouble digesting them. Why? Because in order to make your follicle invisible for toxins they need to use some strong stuff that damages everything it touches.

Using them for more than once and especially a couple of days in a row means you’ll surely get a damaged hair that will be so hard to recover.

However, this is not a must. You can find some products among them that are safe and you can use them more than once. Actually, the best product will be available for you to use it as your regular everyday shampoo.

Make sure you find one of those and if you can afford it, it’s best if you use it regularly as your everyday cleaning solution.

Having the right ingredients for every occasion?

People often buy the detox shampoos for passing the follicle test that a lot of employers and hiring companies practice. The follicle test is conducted when a lab practitioner collects a sample of your hair and take it to the laboratory to examine it for narcotics.

The only way to pass this test is by using these specialized washing formulas. How to know if some of these formulas have the right ingredients. Well, the most important ingredient of all is the propylene glycol. This is a chemical substance found in some shampoos that is able to work on the follicles and make them ready for the real clean-up.

What propylene glycol does is stripping the layers of the hair that it is wrapped up. When this is done, the water and the other ingredients wash the toxins out of the follicle leaving it clean and toxin-free. This is a long process. It takes days, if not weeks until your hair is completely clean from all negative substances. However, once you’re over the procedure, you’re completely toxin-free and you can get back to the normal everyday work. Read more about this on this link:

Ability to make you pass the follicle test

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We mentioned that one of the reasons why people look for these specialized haircare solutions is the follicle test. Find reviews online about what is the best option for making it on the test?

There are countless web pages dealing with this problem. You’ll see that some of them offer quick and some offer thorough solutions. Let’s solve the dilemma right away. Be sure that there’s no quick solution and if there is, it’s far from 100% sure.

Every good thing in life comes if you work for it. This is the same case here. You must do your best and use the proper solutions if you want to be sure that you’ll pass on the follicle test.

Lurking on the internet you’ll see different methods that use a combination of detox shampoos and other chemicals, like the Macujo method which is proven to work. It’s wise to follow the steps of the Macujo methods because, as you’ll also see on the drug consumers’ reviews, is a sure way to pass.


It doesn’t matter if you’re looking a cleaning solution for particles buildup in your hair or something to help you pass the follicle test. You must find the one that’s best for both your hair and for overcoming the problematic test.