Is Cycling Safe in the Middle of Vehicle Pollution?

At present, awareness of the importance of health is showing improvement, with one indicator being the increasing interest in exercising. One of them is cycling. This cheap hobby is getting more and more fans mainly in big cities.

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This of course then raises the tickling question, “is it safe to cycle in the middle of a siege of pollution in the middle of the city? “

Some studies describe some of the negative effects of pollution exposure to health, especially pollution from motor vehicle exhaust. But on the other hand, the pollution exposure will not cause a significant negative effect if coupled with intensive physical activities such as cycling.

This conclusion was obtained from the results of research from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) who wanted to study the impact of exposure and volume of air pollution and cycling routes on health conditions. The study found the conclusion that breathing in air containing vehicle pollution along the road during the morning and evening had little effect on the health of cyclists.

Although the impact of pollution on pegowes health is quite small

of course it is expected that cyclists remain wise by trying as much as possible not to be exposed to pollution fumes. Looking for routes that are less traveled by motorized vehicles will certainly reduce the number of dirty air particles inhaled. Cyclists who suffer from asthma complaints are strongly advised to walk along less crowded roads. Because motor vehicle emission particles can have a bad impact on the respiratory system.

Other findings presented in this study are cyclists who have respiratory problems tend to feel short of breath and experience wheezing after being exposed to pollution

The solution is to change the route of his journey or use breathing apparatus to deal with perceived complaints.

The research also shows that pollution from motor vehicle fumes is more disruptive to female cyclists, because they are better able to detect an increase in the smell of exhaust emissions. That is, these women are more sensitive to motor vehicle emissions.

Bicycle sports are cheap, and easy to do sports. Not surprisingly, nowadays more and more are making bicycles as a means of transportation when going to work or school. Cycling is also an effective solution to control congestion and air pollution. However, it would be wise if in doing this hobby still pay attention to safety by using protective equipment and trying to avoid places with exposure to air pollution.