Yoga Exercises to Help with Sciatica Back Pain

Sciatica back pain is common and causes pain, numbness and weakness along the sciatic nerve, which runs from the lower back to the buttocks and legs. This pain is usually caused by a disc problem such as a herniated deck pressing against the nerve. If you are experiencing lower back pain, you should visit a Sciatica specialist in Scottsdale for proper diagnosis and treatment options. But in the meantime, you can practice these 5 yoga poses for relief from sciatica back pain.

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1.    Child’s Pose

Child’s pose will relax the body while it lengthens and stretches the spine. This will help with flexibility as well as opening your hips, thighs and lower back. To start this pose, get on your hands and knees. With your knees together, sink your hips back into your heels. Then, extend your arms in front of you, allowing them to rest alongside your body while allowing your torso to relax and fall onto your thighs. You want to focus on your breath to help relax any tight areas. You can hold the child’s pose for up to 5 minutes.

2.    Half Moon Pose

The half moon pose strengthens and stabilizes while balancing your body to help find relief from tense areas. This pose also stretches your spine, glutes, and thighs. This pose starts by standing with your right in front. Then, bend your right knee deeper to yield the weight on your right foot. This is when you will bring your left hand to your hip and slide your left foot forward just a few inches while reaching your right hand to the floor in front of you and to right of the foot. Then, lift your leg parallel to the floor while pressing through your left heel and rotating your torso and hip open. To deepen the pose, lift your hand toward the ceiling while gazing upward. Hold the half moon pose for one minute and release slowly. Don’t forget to repeat this on the opposite side.

3.    Cobra Pose

The cobra pose will help stretch the spine while also promoting flexibility and circulation. Start by lying on your stomach with your hands directly under your shoulders while squeezing your elbows into your body. While inhaling, lift your head, chest and then your shoulders. Try to maintain this slight bend while keeping your elbows in and chest open. Focus on engaging your thigh, lower back, and abdominals when in cobra pose. Hold this for up to 30 seconds and repeat 1 to 3 times.

4.    Reclined Pigeon Pose

To help support the lower back and take pressure off the hips while stretching the glutes and hips, try the reclined pigeon pose. Lie on your back with your knees bent with your heels towards the hips. Bend your right knee and right ankle to the bottom of your left thigh. To feel a deeper stretch, lift your left foot and draw your left knee toward your chest while interlacing your fingers and hold behind your left thigh or shin. Hold this for one minute and don’t forget to repeat with the other leg.

5.    Bridge Pose

The bridge pose will stretch your spine and will also help with any pain and tension you might be experiencing. Also, the pose also works the legs and glutes. Lie on your back with your knees bet and heels toward your hips like in the reclined pigeon pose. Slowly lift your spine from the floor while raising your hips as high as you can. To help maintain alignment, you can always place a block between your knees. Repeat this 10 times and hold the top position for up to one minute.