If you want a place that feels like home because of the family support and has all the facilities for you to work out, then you should visit the Pleasanton gym  . Why should the gym feel like a death sentence, here you will be greeted with smiles and cheers as you go on with your gym activities? You will be served by a team of dedicated staff and coaches who are ready to offer any guidance that you would want. With the community set up, you will be able to work faster and stick to the gym a little more.

Classes offered in the Pleasanton gym

There are different classes that are offered in the Pleasanton gym and you will select the one that will suit you best. The classes are offered at different times; you can check the schedule before you sign up for them. Below are some of the classes: –


This program consists of combination of gymnastic, weightlifting and endurance work which is more of functional fitness movements that is done to increase work capacity. If you find it to be good for you, you can enroll.


This class is done for an hour and it focuses on improving flexibility, mobility and stability. It will help to also support in the workout process.


This workout is done to increase the strength of basic barbell movement cardiovascular capacity. It also helps to increase the metabolic conditioning. If you need any of these increased, you can sign up for these classes.


If you have had a problem with your muscles, you can enhance their recovery with this workout. With the use of band and rollers though deep stretching, you will ensure that your muscle are in good condition.


This is a high intensity workout that consists of body weight and lightweight.  The training is done in interval and will need a lot of repetition so that so that you can achieve the desired results.


The pricing of the Pleasanton gym will depend with the membership that you have enrolled. If you have pre-paid, then want do away with it, you will not be refunded your money. Below are different plans that you can enroll for and what they entail: –

Month to Month unlimited

  • It is $ 199 per month.
  • You will get unlimited visits.
  • $189 is for police, fire people, military and teachers.

Family member add-on

  • It is $ 172 per month.
  • You will get unlimited visits.
  • It only covers the immediate family members.

12 month prepaid

  • It is $ 2350.
  • Unlimited visits.
  • This plan is non- refundable.


6 month prepaid

  • It is $ 1240.
  • You will have unlimited.
  • The money is non-refundable.


3 months prepaid

  • You will pay $660.
  • You will have unlimited visits.
  • The money is non-refundable.


10 class pack

  • It consists of 10 visits.
  • You will be charged $240.
  • after 6 months the unused visits will expire.
  • These classes will not be transferrable and non- refundable.

1 class

  • It is $30 for one visit.
  • The class will expire if it is not used for 6 months.
  • These classes will be non-transferred and non-referable.


Why you should visit Pleasanton gym


Good customer service

You will get the best welcome you have ever had in your life. This is because Pleasanton gym is a family and accepts everyone as their own. This place is not only about fitness, but they create a warm atmosphere that will make your time at the gym a great one. You will be supported by a team of couches and staff who will offer all their time to give you the best. All will be ready at all times to offer you support and guidance. You will be meet with cheers, encouragement and smile everyday as you are working out. With these, you will be able to do more and achieve all that you desire.

Amazing programs

They have one of the best programs that you can find in other gyms. They have good work out for every need that you have. The couches are good at what they do and will take you the workouts and you will achieve what you desire. The programs cover every need of your body that you may have, even when you want to recover muscles.

Great price

They have great prices that consider every plan that you may have. They have monthly plans, 6 months plans and a year plan. They also have a plan where you can include immediate family members and you will not be charged any fee. They also have passes where they can cover even 10 visits. The money is non- refundable, so it’s important to consult and know if you want to pay for the program for the give period of time.

Flexible classes

With Pleasanton gym, you will get flexible classes. They have schedule the classes at different times. You will only look at the time of the classes that you have scheduled to take. Then see if you will be able to make it and if they will be able to reschedule to the time you see perfect for you.

There is so much, you can achieve if you join Pleasanton gym. You will be in a community where they believe in you and want to encourage you, so that you can achieve your desired body. They have flexible classes where you can join and choose the time you want to be at the gym. The prices are also very friendly and will cater for your needs. If you want a gym that will help you get to the best results, join the Pleasanton.  Do not be left behind as everyone is keeping fit, it maybe for a reason or you want to have a body that is of the right shape. It will also ensure that you are healthy and will be able to keep away doctor. Choose the right program and you will be ready to go.