Four Things You Should Know About FIVE S FS8812 10 Motor Vibration Massager

Keeping your body relaxed by getting rid of stresses helps you enjoy your everyday life. Regular therapeutic massage can release all the stresses from your body and provides some great health benefits. Generally, the lower and upper back are vital parts of your body where a lot of stresses are stored. When you want to have a stress-free body, you need something which can relieve your entire back, not only one part. That’s why a versatile back massager is necessary at delivering that relief to you.

A back massager is a useful piece of equipment that relieves depression and anxiety. It also improves sleep duration and quality and increases blood circulation throughout the body. When you choose the right back massager, you may get confused about which one is perfect for you. This article will help you know about the features of a back massager. After reading the entire article, you can decide whether the Five S FS8812 10-Motor Vibration Back Massager is the right option for you or not.

Review of FIVE S FS8812 10 Motor Vibration Back Massager

The Five S FS8812 10-Motor Vibration Back Massager ensures a way for you to be relaxed no matter what kinds of stresses you have. This best electric back massager from New Five Star comes with ten vibration motors to focus on the different areas, such as the shoulder, neck, and thighs. It is also comfortable and portable to carry anywhere. You will have multiple speed levels and massage zones with tremendous heating technology. Besides that, this excellent lower and upper back massager comes with some other useful features. Check out those features below.

Multiple Massage Speeds and Zones

The FIVE S back and neck massager comes with 3- levels of massage speeds with 4-vibration massage programs. You can select a program or let all programs run automatically one after one. Besides, this fantastic back massager includes 4 zones where you can get a comfortable massage. Zone one indicates the neck, shoulders, and upper back of your body. But zone two and three target your middle back, lumber, and lower back areas. The last one gives you massages on the thighs. 

Hand Control Unit

This excellent back massager comes with a hand control unit that remains connected with the cushion seat with an electric cord. So, you can operate it without touching the massager. Besides, you can run the back massager by setting various massage programs, controlling the intensity of speeds, and selecting different massage zones of your body. When you use this equipment for 30 minutes, it automatically shuts down.

Heating Technology

FIVE S FS8812 massage cushion is a great back massager for your neck, shoulders, back areas, and thighs with soothing heat, especially in the lower back area. You can use this massager without heating technology for its independent on and off function. Remember that the heat is not as high as a Shiatsu back massager. If you want high heat, then we recommend you choose another one.

Portability and Comfort

This back and neck massager allows you to get a massage while you are driving and working anywhere. It includes a car adapter along with the AC adapter for convenient use. You only have to put it on a comfortable chair or car seat, and then sit on it. You will have plenty of relaxing and comfortable massages on it.


  • Features ten vibration motors for soothing heat
  • Covers four zones of the body
  • Includes three massage speeds and four programs
  • Has independent heat button
  • Comes with three years warranty


  • No rolling balls included as it is not a Shiatsu massager


In short, the Five S FS8812 back massager is a fantastic piece of equipment that helps your blood circulation flow in your entire back and thighs. It also relieves back pain and prevents thigh or leg cramps. When you feel pain in your sore back muscles, you can use this back massager for getting relaxed. If you want to be able to relieve back pain, this massage cushion may be a suitable option for you.