A Hobby That Helps You Live a Healthier and Happier Life

It seems almost everyone has their own hobbies to do in their spare time. There are those who like to read books, listen to music, and watch movies. So, did you know that there are several examples of hobbies in the form of productive activities that have been proven effective in improving body fitness and brain health? If you’re looking for other activities to kickstart your ex’s social media stalking hobby (oops!), why not pick one below?

Various examples of hobbies that can make you live healthier


Dancing is an effective and inexpensive way to keep your body fit while accompanied by pleasant music. There are many types of dance that you can practice as a new hobby, ranging from traditional dance, ballet, belly dance, aerobics, hip-hop, jazz, pole dance, salsa, tap dance, modern dance, latin dance, zumba, flamenco, and many more. much more.

Besides being fun, dancing is also a good cardio exercise to improve heart and lung fitness. By actively moving while dancing, you indirectly encourage your body to inhale and use oxygen more effectively. In addition, cardio training can also improve muscle strength and health, as well as increase overall physical stamina.

If you’re still shy about signing up for the nearest dance studio, just turn on the music in your room and move your body spontaneously to the rhythm of your favorite music. No matter how silly you may look in the mirror, prancing and singing can be your bad mood savior on the hardest days.

Nature photography

If all this time you’ve only been a hobby of selfies or food photos, turn your camera and take pictures of the nature around you. The art of nature photography is an example of a healthy hobby because it usually requires you to visit beautiful places that can only be reached by walking or hiking. This can be a way to stay active while on vacation or visiting a place.


You can start cooking as a hobby today to replace the habit of eating fast food and street snacks. With cooking, you can determine the ingredients, how to cook, and the number of portions according to your creativity.

Processing your own food will also have direct health benefits and help promote a healthier diet. In addition, the hobby of cooking can encourage your precision when shopping for food such as reading food nutrition information labels, choosing fresh and good quality ingredients, and choosing food processing methods that are safer and don’t reduce too much nutritional content.


Gardening does feel hot and dirty, but the activity of caring for these plants has a number of extraordinary benefits for the health of the body. The first is to take care of skin health by basking in the morning sun.

In addition, the physical activities required during gardening, such as pulling weeds, mowing grass, arranging plant pots, lifting weights, and using gardening tools can help increase muscle strength and body flexibility to move more flexibly.

Write and draw

Putting your heart into writing (whether handwriting or typing) or by drawing and doodling are all examples of hobbies that are healthy for your mental well-being.

Writing and drawing are believed to be effective ways to calm chaotic thoughts when under great stress and recover negative emotions. In addition, the benefits of writing are also reported to accelerate the healing process of surgical wounds and improve the quality of life and change the mindset of cancer patients to be more persistent in undergoing treatment.


Sport is an example of a hobby whose health benefits cannot be doubted. Whether it’s just walking, cycling, swimming, mountain climbing, to diving, all have their own health benefits for the body and mind.

So, which one do you want to try to work on starting today?