How to Build an Inner Bond between Mother and Baby in the Womb

Maybe you think that the bond between mother and new baby will really form after the baby is born. But in fact, the first step to building bonding or bonding between mother and baby can be started in the womb or during pregnancy.


The benefits of building a bond between mother and baby in the womb

Bonding between mother and baby is the process of forming a relationship or inner bond based on shared feelings, emotions, or experiences.

During bonding, mother and baby will spend time together to interact more intimately. For mothers, this special moment aims to embrace their new identity and role.

Meanwhile for babies, bonding between him and his mother aims to support the process of growth and development from an emotional perspective. That way, the baby will know that he feels safe, loved and cared for wholeheartedly by his mother even before he was born …

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