How to Build an Inner Bond between Mother and Baby in the Womb

Maybe you think that the bond between mother and new baby will really form after the baby is born. But in fact, the first step to building bonding or bonding between mother and baby can be started in the womb or during pregnancy.


The benefits of building a bond between mother and baby in the womb

Bonding between mother and baby is the process of forming a relationship or inner bond based on shared feelings, emotions, or experiences.

During bonding, mother and baby will spend time together to interact more intimately. For mothers, this special moment aims to embrace their new identity and role.

Meanwhile for babies, bonding between him and his mother aims to support the process of growth and development from an emotional perspective. That way, the baby will know that he feels safe, loved and cared for wholeheartedly by his mother even before he was born into the world.

In addition, a study shows that the strength of the bond between a baby and his mother can prevent disease, boost immunity, and also increase his IQ.

How to build a bond between mother and baby from the womb

Building an inner bond between mother and baby can be done since they are still in the womb. Unfortunately, various exhausting pregnancy problems and time-consuming heaps of activities inevitably make expectant mothers rarely bond with the fetus in the born.

In fact, establishing an inner bond between mother and baby as early as possible can be beneficial for the growth and development of your little one. Therefore, come on, don’t forget to take a little time to bond mother and baby. Here are some easy ways you can bond with your little one.

Gently rub your belly

Rubbing or gently stroking the stomach is the easiest way to build a bond between mother and baby from the womb.

In fact, you can start building bonding between mother and baby in the first trimester even though your stomach isn’t that prominent.

Rub your stomach to increase bonding between mother and baby while saying a prayer or whispering words of love, such as, “Hi, my child. I love you and can’t wait to meet you.”

You can also mentally strengthen yourself so that you are always healthy and strong during pregnancy.

You can also massage your stomach with lotion or essential oils that are safe for pregnant women.

Apart from building bonding between mother and baby, this is also a way to care for and maintain personal hygiene during pregnancy to relieve stress and prevent stretch marks.

However, adding aromatherapy oils and essential oils is only recommended after the first trimester, OK!


Swimming can be a way to keep exercising during pregnancy while building mother and baby bonding.

While swimming, you can communicate with your little one in the womb to increase the bond between mother and baby.

But remember, do not swim alone. Tips for safe swimming during pregnancy are accompanied by a partner or relative.

Alternatively, you can sign up for a special swimming class for pregnant women which can also be an opportunity to make new friends and improve bonding between mother and baby together.

Soak in warm water

If you are reluctant to swim in public swimming pools, try soaking in a tub filled with warm water for bonding between mother and baby.

Make sure the water used is not too hot to avoid the dangers of hot baths during pregnancy.

Soaking in warm water can help mothers relieve stress during pregnancy. In addition, this method can also focus the mind and attention of the mother while building an inner bond with the baby in the womb.

Try setting aside time twice a week to soak in warm water. While soaking, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, then calm your mind and imagine your baby.

Imagine how it feels when you can hug and hold your baby. Occasionally, you can also talk to the baby while strengthening the bonding process between mother and baby.

Even though bonding in this way can be comfortable, you shouldn’t soak in warm water for too long.

Do not stay in the bath for more than 20 minutes or you will become dehydrated or fall asleep in the tub and risk injury. born