The Different Types of Cancer



Did you know that every few years we are physically a different person? The cells in our bodies constantly divide; die and new ones replace them. Sometimes, unfortunately, a cell is altere, and it starts multiplying out of control. That is how cancer is born. The definition of a tumor is a composition of a clusters consisting of such abnormal cells. It is important to know that most tumors are not actually dangerous, but some of them are cancerous, and that is when the problem arises, and it’s when this problem arises that you will want to visit a specialist cancer centre, such as Cancer Treatment Mexico.


Freckles and moles for example usually stop growing at some point and do not spread nor do they create other tumors, all of them are noncancerous. The cancerous tumors have a negative impact on body functions and draw nutrients out of it. The process which allows the cancer to grow is called metastasis. That is the ability of a malicious cell to travel through blood vessels and form a new tumor at another part of the body.


The Types of Cancer


The term already surrounds more than a hundred different types of diseases which directly affect every single part of the body and could prove to be life threatening. Let us get a quick view on some of them



This type of cancer grows in the connective tissue and is most common in muscles, nerves, bones, tendons and blood vessels of your limbs – legs and arms. There are fifty different types of sarcoma alone, however, they generally fall into two groups – the osteosarcoma NAD the bone sarcoma. There are about fifteen thousand cases a year in the USA alone and usually, requires a surgery in order to be threated.



It is also known as skin cancer, although that is not the case a hundred percent of the time. It begins in the cells which produce the melanin. Melanocytes often create moles, which are why having moles could be a risk factor; however, most of the moles don’t become melanoma. The “fortunate” news is that due to the location of the development of this type of cancer, it could be identifi much easier and a treatment process could tackle it in the very early stages. The main cause of the disease is the exposure to ultraviolet rays from both natural and artificial sources such as the tanning beds for example.



The conditions are much more common for men than women for some reason. It is the cancer type which develops in your blood cells. It is cause by the high number of white blood cells in your vessels, which allows them to crowd out the red blood cells. The imbalance means that the extra white cells won’t function properly and will only be a burden for your body. Your blood consists of three types of cells – white ones, red ones and platelets which help the blood to clot. Once your body starts producing more white cells than needed, then a problem occurs.