The Key to Peace with Yourself

Making peace with yourself is not as easy as it sounds. Often you have high hopes or expectations, even of yourself. Setting expectations and targets that are too heavy for oneself actually adds to the burden, especially if the expectations and targets that are made are not in accordance with one’s capacity and ability to achieve them.

Comparing yourself to others can also be a trigger for the difficulty of making peace with yourself. ‘The grass is greener on the other side’ is true. The easy access you have to see other people’s lives sometimes makes you feel ‘small’ and ungrateful for what you already have.

If left unchecked, this can have an impact on your acceptance of yourself and prevent you from finding true happiness.

how to make peace with yourself

Being at peace with yourself is the same as loving yourself completely. According to Psychology Today, loving yourself is an important part of your mental health as well as your relationships with others. From now on, let’s make peace and love yourself.

Believe in yourself

Reduce feelings of doubt about yourself. Trust every thing that comes from within you. Whatever happens, you will grow through your personal experience, so have faith in yourself.

You may be smart enough to understand what steps to take in each situation. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes because from mistakes you can learn to be a better person.

Give yourself time to learn and be patient as part of making peace with yourself.

Understand your own mind

Not all thoughts you have are positive thoughts. Start being aware of the bad thoughts you have so you can immediately get rid of all the negative thoughts that arise.

For the sake of making peace with yourself, follow all the positive thoughts that can lead you to a better life. Don’t indulge and let negative thoughts continue to drag on in your head.

Care about yourself

It may sound easy, but not everyone can do it. Most people actually choose not to think about themselves and always put others first as if their needs and interests are not more important than others.

In fact, this thought actually makes you belittle yourself. Try to love yourself by aligning your feelings with those of others, that your feelings are as important as anyone else’s.

Treat yourself the same way you would treat someone you care about. Loving yourself allows you to forgive all the mistakes that have been made until you can finally make peace with yourself.

Don’t be too ambitious

The ambition to progress and develop can be a good motivation for yourself, but wanting too many things can hurt you. Especially if you can’t reach it.

Get to know your own capacities and abilities, and adjust your desires to these two things. It’s okay to want something, but make sure you’re not hurting yourself in the process.

Making peace with yourself also means reducing the potential for self-harm.

Realize that disappointment is part of life

As an ordinary human being, it’s impossible to avoid feeling sad and disappointed. Even successful and happy people have had those feelings.

Face these feelings firmly and accept them well. Don’t try to avoid it or pretend you don’t feel it, as that only delays you through it.

Give yourself time to process those feelings and do something about them, as part of making peace with yourself.

Face your fear

If you have a fear of something, don’t try to hate that feeling. Better acknowledge the feeling and try to deal with any fears you have.

By dealing with it, you will become stronger and get used to it. The fear may never go away, but at least you know how to overcome it.

Don’t be a perfectionist

Making mistakes is a natural thing and must be done by everyone. Too late in regretting the mistakes you have made will only make you unable to feel happy.

Try to accept the mistakes you have made as part of the learning process. Don’t punish yourself too harshly for past mistakes.

Making peace with yourself means fully accepting yourself, including the mistakes you have made, especially to yourself.