Why You Hate Yourself and Negative Effects 2

Self-loathing or self-loathing is an attitude that almost everyone has probably experienced. If left unchecked, this condition can make it difficult for you to develop.

Therefore, it is important to recognize the causes of self-loathing and find appropriate ways to deal with it.

The negative impact of self-loathing

Hate is a form of negative emotion that can last a long time. When that happens, your mental and physical health may take a hit.

Here are some of the effects of self-hatred that are often not realized.


Self-loathing often makes a person no longer care about their health, appearance and lifestyle.

This thinking is often shown by overeating without thinking about the needs and abilities of the body.

Instead of using it as a source of energy intake, you actually make food as an outlet for hatred.

Over time, uncontrolled eating habits can increase the risk of health problems such as obesity and eating disorders.

Not confident or insecure

The most easily recognized negative impact of self-loathing is feeling insecure or not confident.

This condition arises from excessive self-criticism that makes you feel unworthy of love.

This self-doubt can prevent you from growing. The reason is, you actually doubt your own abilities instead of learning from mistakes.

Damaging relationships with other people

Self-loathing can often make you feel unworthy of receiving love from others.

As a result, someone who originally really loved you may feel that you don’t respect their feelings. In the end, your relationship with him will actually be strained.