Things to Know Before Setting Foot in a Marijuana Dispensary

Setting foot in a cannabis dispensary as a newbie is challenging. That is not only because you have not tried marijuana yet but also because you probably do not know why you want to try it out. However, the cannabis industry being so sensitive, you should do proper research early before stepping into one.

There will be weed, but where?

For instance, beginners should find a cannabis dispensary that is friendly to their level. Remember, there are different levels of experience with cannabis, and beginners cannot be at the same level as experienced people. Here are some ideas to help you start.

Prepare to answer your budtender why you are there.

As you know, there are various strains of cannabis out there. Some even may not be known to you, especially if you are a novice. Therefore, your budtender may want to explain everything to you before you start your journey with cannabis.

Some of the things they may want to know are what strain of cannabis you would like to try. How you’d like to feel or whether you will take it alongside other drugs. Always try being open to them, and if you do not know anything to do with this, also let them know.

Find out the payment methods.

The rules governing a marijuana dispensary Denver may be different from federal government rules. Therefore, that may make it challenging to use some payment methods, most notably banks. Consequently, there is a need to ensure you know that beforehand.

The best thing is to do a prior check with the dispensary by calling them. Alternatively, you can check out their website and find out whether they accept credit or debit cards. However, currently, most dispensaries take cash as their primary payment method.

Find out whether you have health issues.

It is essential to let your doctor know of your plans to consume cannabis. Although the side effects of using marijuana are not always serious, it is vital to beware. Talking to your doctor about issues such as heart problems or certain mental conditions may help.

Also, there are various ways of taking cannabis. If smoking is unsuitable for your health conditions, then there are alternatives that your doctor may recommend. Therefore, you must be honest with them and let them know about your situation.

Know what paperwork or ID to carry

Well, this is another thing you should check and check. There are different kinds of paperwork allowed in various states before you are allowed to walk into a dispensary. Sometimes the best thing is to google ‘requirements before setting foot in a dispensary near me.’

In some states, you may only require a state-issued government ID. Others may ask for special paperwork allowing you to take cannabis, especially if you are doing it for medical issues. You should find out this early enough.


The different laws that affect cannabis consumption may bar you from getting into a dispensary near you. Therefore, you should know what the rules are and get prepared earlier. The regulations may not be the same from state to state; consequently, proper research is essential.