Tips for New Mums to Take Care of Themselves and Their Babies After Delivery

Tips for New Moms - 12 Ways to Take Care of Yourself after Having a Child |  Mission Health Blog

Many women want to experience motherhood, but they have to go through pregnancy, delivery and caring for the newborn baby. This is not an easy period in the life of a mother. She goes through different moods and body changes from the first to the third trimester and when the baby is delivered, she has to take care of herself, her new born babe and the existing family. This can be a daunting task, it takes a whole lot of energy and can be mentally draining too.

The Healthy Mummy UK Limited opines that some women have societal responsibilities and personal interests to attend to aside domestic chores; this puts a lot of strain on them and they can find it hard to remain healthy and fit. The new mother needs tofind a balance in the midst of all these and connect with a community of mothers who will support her and most importantly she must eat healthy food.

The following can help to make this period easier for a new mum and her baby.

Taking Care of Yourself as a New Mum

As a new mother, you need to attend your own mental, emotional and physical health. Dr. Hayley Dickson, Women Health Expert who is also a committed mother, says new mums should go easy on themselves, sleep when the baby sleeps, drink lots of water, exercise, eat healthy food and ask for help when it gets too overwhelming. As we earlier mentioned, delivery of a baby takes a toll on your health and some women experience a case of baby blues, also called Postnatal depression. Visit a doctor if you experience postnatal depression signs such as crying, anger, guilt, inability to bond with the baby, mood swings, loss of appetite, low secretion of breast milk, fear, low energy, social withdrawal and low sex drive.

Get a to-do-list written for each day. This will help you to remember all you need to achieve for the day and reduce chaos.

Caring for the Baby

Learn to bond with your baby early. Hold your baby as often as possible, breastfeed your baby and watch for cues – some babies cry when they’ve soiled their diapers, they gurgle when they are well-fed. Cradle the head and neck when carrying your baby. Swaddle your baby and use diapers correctly. Learn about breastfeeding positions, and the type of skin care lotion for your baby. In the first two weeks your baby will feed a lot, sleep and perhaps keep you awake at night, don’t be perturbed it is normal for babies at this point in their life. Some babies have soft spots on the top of their head, it leads to the brain which is still developing; don’t shake or bounce your baby. Avoid noisy places, it is not healthy for the ear drums of the baby.

The health of both mother and child is important and the above mentioned will assist you in caring for the baby, in no time you will be a pro at it.