What Should Be An Ideal Time Of Youtube Videos?

Your subscriber always wants to have amazing videos from your channel. In this way, you will be giving your subscribers new material constantly, which for them will be a good reason to stay, subscribed, and you will create more content for other people to find you easily and subscribe. Make your videos enough interesting to have the Fastest Way To buy Youtube Likes.

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Record Videos That Last At Least 5 Minutes

I have seen in other blogs and digital publications that, when they talk about how to get subscribers on YouTube, they recommend that the videos last less than 4 minutes so that viewers do not get bored.

But I do not agree with it. First, long videos do not have to be boring if they are well made. I have seen 30-minute videos that I enjoyed from beginning to end and 2-minute videos that have bored me a lot or left me with the feeling that they lacked much to explain.

However, there is an even bigger second reason why your videos should last more than 5 minutes. Did you know that Google and YouTube are connected as a company? Moreover, Google gives priority to videos that last more than 5 minutes when a search is done?

  • Here are two clear examples of this with videos that have completely different themes: see what appears if in Google I search for “how to make chocolate cupcakes”.
  • All it needs to have an interesting video. A YouTube video that lasts 13 minutes could be interesting and people will do watch.
  • It is true that sometimes if you write something in this search engine, it will show you videos with a shorter duration – for example, 2 or 3 minutes -.
  • But they are usually very exceptional cases since the general rule is just the opposite: longer videos.
  • But now look at what happens if I search on Google “how to be YouTuber”. Again a video appears that lasts more than 5 minutes (specifically, 6:56 minutes).
  • So with this type of test, I think it is clear that the best thing is that your videos have an average duration of more than 5 minutes so that, in addition to YouTube, Google also positions them better in the results.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and adopt this point to have more views on your Youtube videos.