3 Ways Use Real Estate as an Investment

The 1% Rule for Real Estate Investing | Morris Invest

Are you tired of the stock market and want a different place to invest your money? Real estate can be a safe money investment, but it does require some work. It may feel overwhelming at first, but you can simply start by searching “How to invest in real estate” online. You will find a lot of good advice and ways to use real estate as an investment.

1. Flip Houses

Flipping a house doesn’t mean you turn a house upside, but it means buying a house at a low price that needs some remodeling and repairs then putting in the work and money to make a profit off the house when you sell. This is the quickest way to make the most money on a real estate investment.

2. Rental Properties

Not everyone has a desire to be a landlord, but if you are willing to put in the work it requires and the 1 AM maintenance calls, you can set yourself up for a nice investment. Find a rental property in a good local at a cheap price which will allow you to make money every month off of rent. At first, you should save your profits for a maintenance fund but after that it becomes profit. Those profits can be used to continue to invest in real estate. 

3. Your Home

If you are wanting to invest in real estate but want to keep it a little bit more simple, just buy a house for yourself with the intention of paying it off. Once you own your home, your money can now be used for other things and will give you a lot of freedom. When you decide to sell you will be thanking yourself for all the time you spent paying off your mortgage. 

Real estate investment can be as simple or complicated as you want to make it, but either way, it’s a good place to put your money.