General Benefits of Vitamins for Body Health

The benefits of general vitamins for body health are very diverse. Vitamins themselves have various functions that help regulate metabolism, prevent chronic disease, maintain appetite, mental health and immunity.

Vitamins can be obtained from various types of food or easily found in fruits and vegetables around you.

The function of vitamins is very important for the health of the body. However, it is not recommended to consume vitamins in excess, especially for the type of fat soluble vitamins. Excess vitamins in the body cause vitamin poisoning which can damage organs.

The benefits of vitamins for the body itself include supporting the work of the organs in the body so that they work more optimally. Vitamins themselves have many types and functions.

So, here are five benefits of vitamins for the health of the body, as reported by the Ministry of Health’s p2ptm website.

Reducing colds

The content of vitamins in fruit or other healthy foods can reduce colds. This not only reduces colds but also prevents them from becoming more serious complications such as chronic colds which eventually become respiratory infections.

Improve mood

When you feel in a bad mood or feel restless for no reason, try eating fruits or vegetables that have vitamins, especially vitamin C. The content of vitamins consumed by the body will also affect feelings and tend to stabilize a chaotic mood.

Prevent premature aging

Vitamins help inhibit aging cells thereby preventing premature aging. Therefore, vitamins themselves are becoming popular among women to maintain a healthy body.

Vitamins will help the body to produce collagen which is a protein need to help prevent wrinkles, wound healing processes, maintain youthful skin, slow down the aging process to brighten skin color.

Maintain eye health

Don’t think that only vitamin A can maintain eye health, any vitamin content in healthy food contains properties that can protect the cells in the eyes.

Repairing skin cell tissue

To maintain healthy skin, antioxidants need. Free radicals such as excessive sun exposure, air pollution, and toxins found in food are the main enemies of skin health. The content of vitamins serves as a substance that counteracts these free radicals.

Those are the 5 benefits of vitamins that you should know. Make sure the healthy food you eat contains vitamins to keep the body’s organs working optimally.