The smart way to deal with fussy children when pregnant again

Your little one’s reaction when told that you are pregnant with his younger sibling will vary. In fact, the child may become more fussy when the mother is pregnant again.

If this happens, how to deal with it? What should you do if your child is fussy because you feel being bumped by a younger sibling to be born?

Dealing with a fussy child when the mother is pregnant again

The child’s attitude when he finds out he wants a sibling depends on his age and character. Generally, future siblings won’t understand until they see their younger sibling being born or when your belly grows.

After knowing that you are pregnant, your little one will probably ask if you still love and care for him. This indicates that your little one is worried if you change.

Usually, if your little one feels a change in your attitude and behavior since you were pregnant, he will become more cranky or seem spoiled than usual.

Actually this is natural, because children tend to like things that are structured and predictable. Even the slightest change can make a child cranky and insecure.

Then, what should you do? Check out tips for dealing with fussy children when the mother is pregnant again through the discussion below.

Tell him that soon he will have a little brother

During pregnancy, you should start teaching your little one about the birth of a baby sibling.

You and your partner should have enough time to explain to your little one, of course according to their age and level of understanding.

Tell them that right now in the mother’s stomach is growing a baby sibling. You can also show photos or tell how it used to develop in the womb until it was finally born.

This will help your child understand that the newborn will need special attention.

Let it first if the child is fussy and crying

If your little one cries, let him do it first until he feels relieved. After that, just approach and invite him to do the activities he likes so that his sadness is overcome.

Tell him that you know your little one is fussy and wants to be angry when he wants to have a little brother. You also need to say that you will help him get back happy and excited.

Avoid yelling or scolding children when they cry. This will actually make it more difficult to accept the presence of a little brother in his life.

Spend time with dad

Both parents can work together to deal with a fussy child when the mother is pregnant again.

If your little one is used to spending a lot of time with his mother, try to occasionally invite him to spend time with his father.

This will make the child understand that not everything has to be done with his mother. Fathers can also be reliable figures, especially when mothers feel tired or experience complaints during pregnancy.

Mothers also will not have enough time to care for newborns. If your child is used to his father, he probably won’t feel your attention diminishing for him.

Don’t deal with your child’s fussiness with emotion

It is very normal for your child to have different feelings when the mother is pregnant or later when her baby sister is born.

Responding to your little one’s fussiness or jealousy when you have younger siblings doesn’t have to be angry. This will actually make the relationship between mother and child unhealthy.

Try to understand your little one’s point of view and try to be more patient. Saying firmly is sometimes necessary, but that doesn’t mean you have to get angry every time your little one acts up.

Involve your little one in the preparation for the birth of his younger sibling

If your little one is interested, you can involve him in preparing everything related to his baby sister who will be born.

He can help choose clothes, shoes, socks, toys and baby equipment for his younger sibling. That way, he will feel involved in the process of welcoming the birth of his younger sibling.

His little brother will probably receive lots of gifts from your family and friends. This can make children cranky because they are jealous and feel unfairly treated.

You can give an understanding that before when your little one was born, he also got lots of gifts and now it’s his sister’s turn.

You can also give small, special gifts for children. Give this as a gift because he has been very sweet in preparation for the birth of his sister.