Lose Weight by Eating Cookies – Is it Possible?

Not too long ago, if somebody were to tell you that you can lose a few pounds just by eating nothing but cookies, then you’d have probably thought that they were lying through their teeth. However, that is precisely what a new dieting trend called the “cookie diet” proposes and has said to bring excellent results for many people looking to lose weight.

Now the cookie diet is unique in that it is one of the few diet strategies in which it uses something that is traditionally frowned upon (eating cookies) in weight loss, to control cravings instead of meals as a means to lower calorie consumption. Cookie diets have meagre calories produced those who want to attain considerable weight reduction on a short-term basis.

How did the cookie diet start?

Dr Sanford Siegel invented the cookie diet in 1975  for his patients in Florida. The diet was to take in 6 cookies a day and a supper. The cookies themselves have minimal calories in them, so it is advised that if you wish to go on this sort of diet plan, you need to consult your physician initially. If you want to lose weight, then instead of indulging yourself with hamburgers, you can treat yourself and control your cravings with cookies instead as a simple diet to lose weight fast.

Other forms of cookie diet

Of course, it is well worth mentioning that there are other kinds of cookie diet which have cropped up over the years. One good example is the diet regimen created by Dr Sasson Moulavi. He used to work with Dr Siegel but eventually went independent to develop his formula. The recipe for his cookie diet is different, but the idea is practically the same.

Another recent fad today, including cookies is the Hollywood Cookie Diet. It is the same with the other cookie diet plans mentioned above. The only difference is that it is available without a prescription and does not include an exercise program.

If you look around hard enough, you will find that there are many recipes for diet cookies for weight loss available on the internet. Everything involves making cookies for short-term weight loss. Examples include the following:

  • Diabetic Diet Cookies
  • Diet Plan Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
  • Quick Diet Plan Cookies,
  • Diet Applesauce Drop Cookies
  • Ada French Sponge Cookies
  • Amish Sugar Cookies

Even if it states that you can begin doing this weight-loss program using cookies, it is finest that you need to ask the doctor first. They can be expensive; however, it will get more costly if you get into trouble from losing significant weight in a short amount of time. Likewise, cookie diet recipes include some active ingredients that might be allergic to you. A well-balanced diet plan and proper workout is still the best way to get a healthy weight. Remember that any weight loss results can be regained quickly if done abruptly and often makes the problem worse.