Balding and thinning hair is one of the most common problems, especially in men. It can have an impact on one’s self-esteem. Well, who doesn’t want to look good? If you have been dealing with either balding or thinning then you should consider undergoing FUE Hair Transplant. It is one of the best options for hair restorations that are available in the market. Here is all that you need to know about FUE hair transplant before you make an informed decision about it.

Why you should opt for a hair transplant?

If you have been dealing with either balding or thinning hair, then hair transplant is the procedure which you won’t regret. Though it might be a bit costly, it a significant investment in yourself. The process does test your patience, as it takes about 12 to 15 months before you can start to see the final results of the FUE hair transplant surgery. When deciding on a hair transplant make sure you choose the best specialist there is to treat your hair loss as it will ensure that the process is worth it. What could happen otherwise is that your hair transplant could have complications, poor results and additional cost?

What are the technologies used in the hair transplant?

SmartGraft and NeoGraft FUE technologies are used for carrying out the process of hair transplant. With the help of these advanced technologies, the hair grafts can be safely extracted with minimum pain and scarring. The word extraction may make it sound scary, but the procedure is very comfortable and patients have given feedback time and time again that the day was a breeze. Some patients even described it as a day at the spa.

What happens in FUE Hair Transplant?

An area at the back of the scalps needs to be shaved to properly harvest the donor grafts from that area. You could also get a pre-haircut so that you look normal after the procedure is over. A couple of days after the procedure your hair will appear like they had a haircut and not a hair transplant procedure. It takes about a week to ten days to heal after the procedure. After the 5th day or so, scabs in the recipient areas seems to be the only remaining problem. On the tenth day, these remaining scabs can be washed off. It is also likely that you may experience swelling in your forehead and around the eyes on Day 3. This swelling might spike, but do not panic as it would disappear completely by Day 5.

How long does it take before you can see the results?

The hardest part of undergoing hair transplant isn’t the procedure, it is the wait that follows. The results aren’t visible until the third month. After about 6 months, the new hair growth would become more visible and would be fully visible by a year.