Things to avoid after a lip injection treatment

There are several things to avoid after a lip injection Toronto treatment if you want it to go as you expected. Mentioned below are those points for those who are preparing for their first lip injection treatment. 

01. Physical exercise

Never engage in any sort of intense physical exercises after a lip injection treatment. Exercises will increase the blood flow and in addition to that, it will make you sweat more. When you sweat a lot, your body will dehydrate. So, avoid any sort of physical exercises. Instead, get some rest. 

02. Massaging the lips

After a lip injection Toronto treatment, you will feel like massaging or rubbing the treated area. The treated area will become swollen and bruised but that it perfectly normal. However, massaging and rubbing the treated area can make the fill to spread weirdly and flatten it. As a result, the results of the treatment will be lessened. 

03. Smoke

Smoking not the friendliest habit when it comes to your health anyways. However, if you are a smoker, you must avoid smoking until the treatment is completely absorbed and the swelling is gone. When you smoke, your lips will show a puckering motion which can alter the expected results. 

04. Medications

You should avoid blood thinning medications such as ibuprofen and aspirin after undergoing a lip injection Toronto treatment. Thinned blood will cause various unpleasant complications so don’t take such medicine. If you are currently on such medication, it is a wise approach to meet your doctor before receiving the lip injection treatment and ask if it is OK to stop medicine for a week or so. 

05. Mix your plans with treatment

If you have to attend special events after a couple of days of the treatment, you will have to cancel one (you can either go for the event or the treatment). Because, it goes without saying that you cannot attend a special event (wedding, job interview, conference, workshops etc.) with your swollen lips. 

If you have any other concerns about lip injection procedures, it is best to call an expert at Sovereign Skin and get the doubts cleared.