How to overcome self-loathing

So that your self-loathing tendency doesn’t drag on any longer, here are some ways you can try to overcome it.

Reducing self-criticism

Evaluating what you have done so far is certainly a good thing because it can help you improve yourself.

However, you shouldn’t give yourself too much criticism, let alone lead to hatred.

One way you can reduce self-criticism is to appreciate every effort you’ve made.

Even though you haven’t produced maximum results, at least you have tried and tried your best.

Start learning to love yourself

Self-love or loving yourself is one of the best ways to fight self-loathing.

Start self-love by remembering how you treated other people when they were hit by failure.

Do you criticize the mistake or see it as a way of learning from it? Well, try to apply these thoughts to yourself.

If you can do good and care for others, you can do it for yourself too.


Accept the praise of others

Someone will usually get praise for the effort he has done. However, sometimes if the results are not appropriate, the praise is actually not considered meaningful.

In fact, the praise is actually directed at your efforts, not just the end result. In addition, praise is also expected to increase motivation so that you can become better.

Therefore, try to accept compliments from others. Apart from receiving it from the people closest to you, you can also try giving compliments to yourself.

Learn to forgive yourself

Here are some ways you can learn to forgive yourself when you do something outside of what was planned.

Admit and learn from mistakes.
Refocus your goals.
Do the advice you’ve given other people when experiencing something similar.

If you still hate yourself and don’t feel better after doing some of the above, consider visiting a psychologist.

A psychologist can help you find the main cause of the hatred and determine the right treatment.


Self-hate can arise due to trauma, expectations that are too high, efforts to make others happy, and a habit of comparing.
Overcome self-hatred by reducing self-criticism, accepting praise, and learning to forgive yourself.
Left unchecked, hate can have a devastating impact on both physical and mental health.