Recovery After the Pandemic: How to Live a Better Life After COVID-19

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2020 was a disastrous year for almost everybody all around the world. The pandemic forced people into their homes, ruined the economy, and led to many fatalities. It was a catastrophic year, but we’re all still here, alive and kicking. And from what the news tells us, we’ve overcome the worse. Vaccines are being produced in record time, and quarantine protocols are eased. The time to rebuild is now. The best place to start is with you.


Being cooped up in your house might have given you a lot of stress and negativity. Sure, it was good at first, thinking that you can sleep the whole day and not worry about work. But the lack of human interaction can be devastating. We all crave human interaction. We are all social creatures. Although we can’t see each other physically just yet, we can still talk to each other. So the first step to recovery is to maintain and create connections.


Human Connection


Human connection is fulfilling and rewarding. Many philosophers and psychologists believe that it is our purpose of living. However, many argue that the pandemic took that away from us. That isn’t the truth. The pandemic might have taken away the ability for us to see one another physically. But, it hasn’t taken away our connection.


Throughout the world, many people are connecting through the internet. People are still talking like they used to, spend time with each other like they used to, and fall in love like they used to. People are even playing board games as if they were inside each other’s homes. We all still have the connection we wanted, even if it’s not physical anymore. Now, it’s your turn.


Email your friends and families, ask them how they are, and tell them if they have time to meet digitally. Chances are they’re willing to do it as they have missed you as much as you have missed them—all it takes is that singular effort of reaching out and saying hi.


By maintaining your connections during this pandemic, you’re already preparing your life after the pandemic. These people that you spend time talking with digitally will remember you for it. They will seek you out after everything has returned to normal, and your relationship will flourish just because you reached out to them during everyone’s time of need.


Green Exercise


As quarantine restrictions ease, the freedom of the outside is just behind a doorway. There will always be fear of being infected when you go out into the city, even if you wear the necessary protective equipment. But going for a hike in a national park that’s barely visited by others can reduce the risk of being infected while still stimulating life outside your home.


Going hiking and camping is part of a growing trend known as “Green Exercise.” Green exercise is a type of activity that is done in the presence of nature. Studies have shown that exercise done outdoors and in nature is revitalizing and keeps your mind at ease. It’s also good to stay physically fit, which is hard to do inside your home unless you have the equipment.


Doing some green exercise can do you good. It can give back that sense of freedom that we all had back then—the feeling of freedom that we took for granted. If your state is still implementing strict quarantine protocols, see if you can visit a community garden or a park. Those can still give you the same benefits.




Everyone needs help, but not everyone is willing to admit it. This is the problem that everyone goes through every day, especially during the pandemic. Everyone thinks that they can hide their feelings of isolation away by simply watching Netflix or playing some video game. But that only makes your situation worse. Loneliness is a strong emotion that can lead to many mental issues such as depression. The best way to help yourself out is to get some counseling.


Counseling, whether it be for marriage, career, social, or personal reasons, is beneficial. Counselors are willing to listen to you whole-heartedly. They are also ready to understand your current situation. That’s a rare trait nowadays, considering that today, everyone wants to be heard. They also help you alleviate certain emotional pain by letting it out and help you analyze it. They are there to help you for the better.


2020 was a challenging year, no doubt about that, but there are ways to get back up. There are ways to make your 2021 better. It’s time to start doing these things so you can live a better life after the pandemic. Who knows, you might even find yourself along the way.